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Photo Tour: Hope for Syrian Refugee Children

Syria is at the center of one the world's most devastating humanitarian emergencies today. Once a vibrant hub of Middle Eastern culture and history, Syria is besieged by internal conflict that has uprooted millions of innocent families. An estimated 2 million Syrians have fled across the border into Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey and Egypt. More than 70% of Syrian refugees are women and children.

These images focus on those who are paying the heaviest price—children. Many have lost family members, witnessed atrocities and fled the destruction of their homes and cities, only to find themselves living in fear in foreign countries.

Education and care for children in times of crisis is critical to providing stability, normalcy and routine.

Catholic Relief Services, with your support, is providing children with vital education, trauma counseling and care. We're helping children adjust to new environments, continue their learning, heal their trauma and prepare to return home when the time comes. Ultimately, we're helping them regain some semblance of childhood.

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