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Stories From Kenya

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Moms, You Are Not Alone

CRS knows being a parent can be overwhelming, and poverty makes it worse. So we help parents find support. »»

Moms Matter: Improving Maternal Health in Kenya

CRS builds on parents' strengths in Kenya to help children reach their full potential. »»

HIV 'Treatment' Offers More Than Medicine

In this Kenyan village, a CRS-sponsored program addresses medical, social and financial issues along with an understanding friend. »»

Universal Church Transcends Language Barriers

Throughout the world, the Catholic Church delivers spiritual and material support to our poorest brothers and sisters. »»

Education as a Survival Strategy

A determined young man saw that school is a door to success, CRS helped him open it. »»

Beyond Beans: Growing Coffee & Opportunity in Kenya

Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. is working with CRS and our Caritas partner to help 1,500 Kenyan coffee farmers diversify their income. »»

A Hand Up for Kenyan Coffee Farmers

New growing methods, goats and financing provide a lifeline for struggling families. »»

Microfinance: Saving Lives and Money

HIV ruined and nearly took Janet's life until she met CRS and our savings-led microfinance program. »»

Somali Refugees: Hope Away From Home

The massive Dadaab camp in Kenya may seem an unlikely place for hopes and dreams, but these Somali refugees have hope in spades. »»

Refugee Camp Priority: Health and Sanitation

A potential nightmare of disease and discomfort in Kenya is instead a functioning and healthy community, thanks to simple hygiene practices. »»

Staying Healthy in a Kenya Refugee Camp

Keeping the world's largest refugee camp clean means having carefully constructed latrines, trash collection and trained, dedicated health teachers. »»

Somali Refugees Champion Good Health

Four-year-old Farhiya follows in her father's footsteps by teaching others about the critical importance of proper hygiene. »»

Photos: CRS Responds to Refugees Worldwide

See how CRS eases the suffering of refugees with lifesaving clean water, food kits, medicine and other essentials. »»

World Refugee Day: Comfort and Care

From Europeans fleeing countries during WWII to Somalis, Syrians and Malians today, the Church works through CRS to protect and advocate for refugees. »»

Early Marriage Foe Fights Back

A lone headmistress rallies teachers and parents to improve futures one child at a time. »»

Quenching A Thirst for Better Lives

Your support of CRS water projects improves every aspect of life for people all over the world. »»

Somalis Still Reeling From Drought

As the drought wears on, many in this East African country are facing starvation, and some 3 million are malnourished. »»

When Did We See You?

The parable in Matthew reminds us that kindness to people in need is generosity to God. »»

Windmill Brings Life to Kenyan Village

CRS and the Church in Isiolo team up to restore a water source so pastoralists and their livestock can endure a long drought. »»

You're Already There

CRS supporters often send help years before a crisis, preparing people to survive or completely avoid hardships. East Africa is a perfect example. »»

Drought Grips East Africa

Learn how your emergency and long-term support is helping people survive the worst drought in decades. »»

Horn of Africa Prayer and General Intercessions

More than 11 million people face hunger and even famine brought on by drought in East Africa. Please keep them and the Church there in your prayers. »»

Kenya Project Saves Farm Futures

Even as farmers witness massive crop loss, yields remain good enough to ensure seed for the next planting. »»

Kenya Sand Dams Trap Water During Drought

Of CRS' many water projects in East Africa, the sand dam may be the most ingenious and simple. »»

Walking Day and Night for Food in East Africa

Meet some of the thousands of refugees who make the harrowing journey from famine-stricken Somalia into Kenya and Ethiopia each day. »»

Somalis Crowd Kenya Camps in Search of Food

CRS joins local partners in drastically increasing emergency aid, such as food relief, for refugees and host communities in East Africa. »»

Prayer and General Intercessions for East Africa

More than 11 million people face hunger and even famine brought on by drought in East Africa. Please keep them and the Church there in your prayers. »»

Kenya Refugee Camp Expands Daily

As drought grips East Africa, CRS is helping thousands of refugees who are fleeing Somalia. »»

East Africa Drought Fact Sheet

CRS and partners are ramping up a response that will help 1 million people avoid malnutrition and even starvation. »»

Drought Endangers Millions in East Africa

Lack of rainfall, rising prices brings hunger and malnutrition to the region. »»

Drought Grips East Africa

Ten million are in need of humanitarian assistance as lack of rain and rising prices lead to food shortages. »»

World Water Day Is March 22

With two thirds of the earth under water, you might not think we'd need a day to remind us that millions of people don't have near enough of it. »»

Obama's Grandma Helps Kenyan Orphans

Mama Sarah has been helping children all her life. A CRS-led cassava project is now letting her help them even more. »»

World Water Day Is March 22

World Water Day reminds us how rare clean water sources are in much of the world, and how many parts of life are improved when water is made available. »»

Water Project Brings Relief to Parched Village

Protecting Kenyans from long treks and even crocodiles, a dam, two wells and three pumps give drought-affected villagers access to precious water. »»

Faces of HIV Care

Throughout the world, CRS supports millions of people with HIV as they live fulfilling and productive lives. »»

Drought Poses Fatal Threat to Kenyans With HIV

Lasting drought has hurt all Kenyans, but it's particularly dangerous for people whose lives depend on an abundant food supply. »»

What We're Thankful for This Week

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take this opportunity to count our many blessings. »»

Cornell and CRS Take on Africa Food Crisis

Computer-based education modules created by Cornell University and CRS are helping poor farmers to restore healthy cassava fields in Africa. »»

Restoring Peace in Kenya

Watch this video to learn how CRS helped support peacebuilding activities in Kenya when violence erupted after a disputed presidential election. »»

New Chances for Life and Education Renew Hope

A Kenyan mother too sick to support her family, much less cover fees for her children's schooling, now sees her once-distant dreams coming true. »»

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