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CRS Partners in Kenya

Catholic Relief Services Kenya supports an extensive network of local partners working at the community level across the country. By providing financial support, technical assistance and other support services, CRS helps partners effectively serve the people of Kenya.

Kenya Episcopal Conference

CRS Kenya relies on the broad network of the Catholic Church in Kenya to implement development programs countrywide. Working closely with the Kenya Episcopal Conference Catholic Secretariat, CRS supports the Church's national development programs, including HIV and AIDS, community-based health care, emergency, and peacebuilding initiatives.

CRS Kenya also works with the development offices of 16 dioceses. These dioceses collaborate with CRS on various projects in key programming areas and on short-term emergency response activities.

Community-Based Organizations

CRS works with a number of local community-based organizations in Kenya to implement our projects. The Children Behind project that supports HIV-affected children in western Kenya is implemented by Diocese of Homa Bay and four local partners: Homa Hills Community Development Organization, Mercy Orphans Support Group, Program for Children and Women in Socio Economic Difficulty, and Rural AIDS Prevention and Development Organization. The CRS-led Great Lakes Cassave Initiative also works with Rural Energy and Good Security Organization in western Kenya.

HIV and AIDS Treatment Facilities

The CRS-led AIDSRelief consortium provides HIV care and treatment, including antiretroviral therapy, to more than 70,000 people in 27 faith-based health facilities located throughout Kenya. Recognized for providing high-quality services, these facilities also help strengthen communities through support groups, HIV education and stigma reduction activities, health volunteer recruitment, nurse deployment, and mobile voluntary counseling and testing services.

Government of Kenya

CRS works closely with the government of Kenya in all of our projects to adhere to government policies, maximize program effectiveness and prevent duplication of services. CRS has launched a number of initiatives in partnership with government ministries, including the ministry of health, ministry of education and ministry of agriculture. CRS provides additional support to the government through national coordinating bodies such as the National AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections Control Program (NASCOP).

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