CRS in Kenya

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CRS History in Kenya

Food distributions in 1971.

CRS food distribution in Kenya in 1971. Photo by Dana Robinson/CRS

A former British colony, Kenya now serves as the regional hub for trade and finance in East Africa. Even as the economy expands, many Kenyans face food shortages, low incomes and unemployment.

To help address these problems, Catholic Relief Services has been working in Kenya since 1965. Initially, activities focused on emergency relief, helping communities survive droughts and food shortages. CRS Kenya later added maternal and child health programs to reduce high infant mortality rates.

In more recent years, the agency's focus in Kenya shifted from direct relief and food distribution to comprehensive development programming implemented through partners to strengthen communities. Many of CRS' programs in Kenya support people living with HIV and children orphaned by AIDS. Current programs also include community-based efforts to improve water access and sanitation, enhance agriculture, increase household incomes and savings, foster justice and peace, respond to emergencies, and increase access to quality education.

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