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Stories From Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza

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Getting An Education in Resilience

We are teachers and students as we learn from the people we serve. »»

Working Mom Fills Key Role in Gaza

CRS Gaza staffer Noura Ashour dedicates herself to helping her fellow Palestinians as she and her husband raise two girls. »»

Gaza Residents Try to Rebuild Lives

Many in Gaza have lost more than homes to conflict. CRS is helping them in the long process of reclaiming their futures »»

Gaza Shelters Rise Amid Rubble

CRS provides transitional shelter and other assistance to families hit hard by the 2014 conflict. »»

Gaza Post-Conflict Response Continues

CRS is working side-by-side with residents and local partners to help Gaza communities rebuild and recover. »»

Gaza Kindergarten Rebuilt

Re-establishing a place to learn addresses physical and psychological damage left by 2014 conflict. »»

The CRS Collection: Help Jesus in Disguise

The Catholic Relief Services Collection will be held the weekend of March 15 and will support vulnerable families around the globe. »»

Thanks for Being There

People you don't even know are giving thanks for having you in their lives. »»

Food Voucher System Aids Poor Palestinians

CRS will help feed 12,000 Palestinians while boosting West Bank economy. »»

Helping Gaza College Grads Get Jobs

Helping Gaza college graduates find jobs is one way CRS is bringing hope to thousands of young people. »»

Jobs in Gaza: Helping Grads Connect With Work

For college graduates in Gaza, finding a job is next to impossible. A CRS-run paid internship program is helping many get started in their careers. »»

Arab Christian Reaches Across Religious Barrier

A Christian working with Muslims in the arts community, Nelly Ne'meh encounters criticism and acceptance. »»

West Bank Granting Opportunities to Grow

CRS grants help West Bank youth groups grow as nongovernmental organizations equipped for long-term activism. »»

East Jerusalem: Bearing Witness With Cameras

A CRS-supported video project documents tensions between Israelis and Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank. »»

West Bank Families in Food Crisis

The CRS-supported voucher program gives families access to food and supports community businesses. »»

Young Leaders Work for Peace in the West Bank

A CRS project is attracting young Palestinians who are fighting conflict with nonviolence. »»

2009: A Year in Photos

2009 may well be remembered by CRS supporters and beneficiaries as a year of blessings in the face of a global financial crisis. »»

Pope Benedict XVI in the Holy Land

As the Holy Father visits the land where Jesus walked, CRS shares Pope Benedict's hopes for peace. »»

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