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Getting An Education in Resilience

We are teachers and students as we learn from the people we serve. »»

Reaching More Than 88,000 Iraqis With Lifesaving Help

As ISIS displaces millions, CRS and our partner Caritas Iraq are providing emergency relief »»

CRS Provides Shelter for Iraqis Displaced By ISIS

CRS and Caritas Iraq are upgrading hundreds of buildings in Iraqi Kurdistan, so that Iraqis displaced by violence have dignified, safe places to live. »»

For Displaced Iraqi Children, A Place to Heal

Catholic Relief Services and Caritas Iraq will open more child support centers over the next year to support more than 6,000 children. »»

Iraq: Beyond Violence & War, Hope & Resilience Prevail

In Iraq, CRS and its local Caritas partner are providing shelter, food and care for children and families struggling to survive displacement by ISIS. »»

The CRS Collection: Help Jesus in Disguise

The Catholic Relief Services Collection will be held the weekend of March 15 and will support vulnerable families around the globe. »»

Syrian Refugees Face Bitter Winter

CRS and Caritas Iraq are providing shelter and other necessities like blankets, heaters and cooking supplies. »»

Syrian and Iraqi Refugees

CRS and Caritas Jordan are helping refugee children to stay on a school track and overcome some of the trauma of war. »»

Thanks for Being There

People you don't even know are giving thanks for having you in their lives. »»

Iraqi Refugees Get Health Care in Syria

Doctors working with CRS and the Chaldean Catholic Church add a measure of essential stability to lives shredded by war. »»

From Caritas Leader to Refugee in Syria

Once the secretary general of Caritas Iraq, Khawla Elia never thought she'd be a refugee. »»

A New Chapter for Refugee Students in Egypt

Sudanese and Iraqi families that fled war face a new challenge in Egypt: paying for education. Tuition vouchers keep their children in school. »»

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