CRS in Iraq

CRS Partners in Iraq

The work of Catholic Relief Services is accomplished in partnership with an extensive network of church and local organizations led by the people we serve. By working with partners, we can bring about real changes to systems and practices that contribute to poverty, hunger, injustice and conflict around the world. Our partnerships result in efficiencies of time and resources, especially during crises, when every minute counts.

Caritas Iraq

Caritas Iraq is CRS' primary partner in Iraq. Founded in 1992, Caritas Iraq is a national, apolitical Iraq church organization that serves the most vulnerable families in Baghdad, as well as the northern and southern regions of the country. With 134 multiethnic, multireligious staff in 14 centers, and 120 volunteers at the field level, Caritas Iraq is the largest established network of humanitarian professionals and volunteers in the country. Caritas Iraq programs have helped over 200,000 beneficiaries with food and nutritional support, mother and child wellness programs, and a water-rehabilitation project that now provides clean drinking water to 175,000 Iraqis.

Iraqi Red Crescent Society

The Iraqi Red Crescent Society was founded in 1932 and works closely with the ministries of health, education, foreign affairs, communication and industry. The society has traditionally been actively involved in relief and emergency assistance programs both in Iraq and in the countries of the region. It has a network of branches led by directors, most of whom are volunteers. Staff training has been carried out in relief distribution and warehousing, community-based first aid, prevention of AIDS and drug abuse, health, water and sanitation, as well as development and rehabilitation.

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