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Maternal and Infant Health Meet Smartphones

Community health workers in India are using mobile technology to save and improve the lives of pregnant women and their babies. »»

Disaster Relief: Faster, More Accurate

In India, CRS response teams use tablet computers and QR code technology to speed help, save time and money, and make progress more trackable. »»

What Our Children Are Not Learning

No one wants kids to learn what it's like to be hungry, in a gang, trafficked or caught in conflict's crossfire. »»

Farming in India: Old Risks, New Rewards

Giving over a precious plot of land to an experiment is a high-stakes gamble for farmers desperate for more predictable harvests. »»

From Indian Red-Light District to Green Thumb

Girls and young women find refuge from Mumbai's brothels and embrace a new life with the support of CRS and partner Prerana. »»

Extending God's Healing Touch

Your support of CRS delivers the promise of abundant life by bringing health care to many of the poorest, most remote corners of the world. »»

More Floods Wash Over Pakistan, India

Another round of torrential rains sweep away progress for many families recovering from last year's deadly floods. »»

You're the Hero in a Real-Life Drama

We are all moved by images of human catastrophe. But, afterward, even more astounding scenes play out every day. »»

The Next Tsunami: Keeping Fishermen Safe

In India, CRS is using high-tech means to chart the weather—and protect fishermen in case of natural disaster. »»

Building Back Better

See all the different ways your support helps people around the world after disasters strike. »»

Growing Against the Grain: Boosting India Harvests

CRS India shows farmers better ways to grow a lot more rice with less money. »»

Human Trafficking in India: One Woman's Story

See how one woman, with a little help, survived the horrors of being a victim of human trafficking to a survivor with a future. »»

Battling Polio On the Streets of India

Polio threatens more than just northern India's children. If not stamped out, it could spread to unvaccinated people elsewhere. »»

Sex Trafficking in India: One Woman's Story

In India's big cities, impoverished women can be easy targets for con artists. A CRS partner helps women escape their traffickers and learn job skills. »»

In India, the E-Doctor Will See You Now

When sick villagers can't make it to clinics, CRS brings medical teams to them—via webcam. »»

World Water Day Is March 22

With two thirds of the earth under water, you might not think we'd need a day to remind us that millions of people don't have near enough of it. »»

Remembering Mother Teresa

Marking the 100th anniversary of her birth, CRS recalls with great fondness our familial bond with Blessed Teresa and her Missionaries of Charity. »»

Helping Survivors of India's Sex-Slave Trade

Prajwala and CRS team up in India to nurture and support young women who have endured the horror of sex trafficking. »»

Thwarting Slavery With Education and Vigilance

Marketable skills and education are the best defense against human trafficking. Find out how your support thwarts modern-day slave traders. »»

Fighting Modern-Day Slavery in India

CRS partners work to protect teens in rural India from human trafficking. »»

Child of Destiny

Rescued from prison by Mother Teresa when she was a baby, Julie Brown now helps CRS feed India's poor. »»

2009: A Year in Photos

2009 may well be remembered by CRS supporters and beneficiaries as a year of blessings in the face of a global financial crisis. »»

Fighting Child Labor, Early Marriage in India

In rural Indian villages, girls marry and boys become bonded laborers. But there is a way to discourage these practices and get kids back in school. »»

Rebuilding Hope—And Homes—After the Tsunami

Five years after the Indian Ocean tsunami, remembering the generosity of Catholics in the United States. Watch what your compassion accomplished. »»

'If I Help, They Might Get Through This'

When Allie Zito heard about the Indian Ocean tsunami, she knew she had to help. Watch this video to find out what inspired her to make a difference. »»

Partnership Between U.S. and India Born of Compassion

Two dioceses a world away come together in friendship and solidarity in the wake of the tsunami. »»

They Lived Through It: Tsunami Survivor Stories

From India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, firsthand stories from people who survived the tsunami and found hope on the other side. »»

What We Learned

Staff who worked on the ground in the first days after the Indian Ocean tsunami share the lessons they—and CRS—learned. »»

Help for India's Flood Survivors

In India, thousands of people who were already living in dire poverty lost their homes to severe flooding. CRS is helping them start over. »»

India Floods: 'No Jobs, No Crops, No Food'

Tens of thousands of impoverished villagers in Andhra Pradesh, India, escaped the flood with their lives and nothing else. »»

Storms, Quakes Rock Asia-Pacific Regions

Typhoons, earthquakes and monsoon rains killed hundreds and left millions homeless in Southeast Asia, India and islands in the Pacific Rim. »»

Seeking Survivors After Asian-Pacific Catastrophes

With millions left homeless, CRS and our partners seek more survivors and increase commitments to deliver help. »»

How to 'MacGyver' Your Way Through An Emergency

Could you survive a cyclone in India or flooding in El Salvador? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on how to survive a major emergency? »»

Disarming Disasters Before They Strike

Amy Hilleboe, an expert on disaster risk reduction, explains why it's important for an entire community to be prepared for potential emergencies. »»

Cell Phones Help Bihar Fend Off Disaster

Bihar, India, frequently floods during monsoon season. A partnership between MIT and CRS uses texting to help. »»

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