CRS, a member of Caritas Internationalis, stands with Pope Francis, Caritas Internationalis, and all the other Caritas organizations around the world in raising up hunger as a key issue of our time.

CRS combats hunger each day through its emergency relief programs, and through its innovative work in agricultural and livelihoods development. Examples of this work can be found on this page. You will also find suggestions and opportunities for ways that you can support CRS and the Catholic community around the world in our efforts to end hunger. Together, we can make a difference.

Steps you can take to help end world hunger:

Your gift matters: Join Footsteps in Faith

Join the movement against hunger with CRS Helping Hands

Bring Lent to Life with CRS Rice Bowl

Face the Fast and Change the World with CRS Food Fast

Be a part of the solution: Sign the CRS Hunger Pledge

Make your voice a gift to the poor through Advocacy

Learn about CRS Strategy for Agriculture Programs

Facts About Hunger

  1. Nearly 842 million people are suffering from hunger.
  2. 98 percent of people suffering from hunger live in developing countries.
  3. Hunger kills more people every year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.
  4. Hunger causes the deaths of about 5 million children each year.
  5. About 17 million children are born underweight annually, the result of inadequate nutrition before and during pregnancy.

Help End Hunger

Beneficiary in Malawi

See how you can help fight hunger by participating in programs including CRS Rice Bowl and Food Fast.

Farmers Save Rainforest and Reap Rewards

A farmer stands in his lush cassava field.

No-till agriculture is helping Congolese farmers protect the world's second largest rainforest—and increase harvests. Learn more.