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Stories About HIV and AIDS

World AIDS Day

This World AIDS Day, CRS invites you to learn more and take action on behalf of the more than 33 million people living with HIV worldwide. »»

HIV Education in East Timor

In remote Timorese villages, people know little about how HIV is spread. A CRS awareness program is helping those at risk. »»

Malawi Orphans' Big Sister

A theft and a pair of canvas shoes helped Sister Beatrice Chipeta inspire Malawi villagers to rescue orphans from desperation and bad manners. »»

HIV Success Stories on Capitol Hill

Three young adults from Nigeria, Uganda and Zimbabwe tell Capitol Hill audiences about CRS programs that helped them survive childhood affected by HIV. »»

HIV Cooking Demo Spices Up Health

When nutritional needs rise but food availability remains limited, a CRS-supported group helps guide cooks to flavorful solutions. »»

Paging Dr. Haloka: More HIV Care for Zambians

Zambians with HIV receive exceptional medical care thanks to a new AIDSRelief-supported HIV residency program for local doctors. »»

Churches Become HIV Clinics in South Africa

In South Africa, the devastating impact of HIV and AIDS led the Catholic Church to become a primary provider of antiretroviral therapy and HIV care. »»

HIV Healing Now in Local Church Hands

The Church's success in South Africa is sending people with HIV to what may seem an unusual place for exceptional care and treatment—their parish. »»

2009: A Year in Photos

2009 may well be remembered by CRS supporters and beneficiaries as a year of blessings in the face of a global financial crisis. »»

Faces of HIV Care

Throughout the world, CRS supports millions of people with HIV as they live fulfilling and productive lives. »»

Drought Poses Fatal Threat to Kenyans With HIV

Lasting drought has hurt all Kenyans, but it's particularly dangerous for people whose lives depend on an abundant food supply. »»

Ugandan Teacher Thankful for Support

As a child, Doreen was orphaned and left to care for her younger brother. CRS programs gave her hope and support that turned her life around. »»

New Life for Pakistan's HIV Sufferers

An HIV program in Pakistan helps people once near death enjoy full and productive lives. »»

New Chances for Life and Education Renew Hope

A Kenyan mother too sick to support her family, much less cover fees for her children's schooling, now sees her once-distant dreams coming true. »»

Forum Highlights Progress in Combating HIV

Over two days in Washington, AIDSRelief was praised for "doing the impossible." »»

Guatemalans Make A Future By Saving for It

In Guatemala's western highlands, a group of HIV patients learns survival skills under a newly introduced microfinance model. »»

Hispanic Heritage Month: Raising Awareness

The Catholic Church and CRS have witnessed important advances in Latin America and continue to serve the needs of its poorest communities. »»

Lesotho Orphan: 'My Life Changed'

Being orphaned by AIDS often means going hungry. And school is rarely an option. See the difference CRS makes. »»

Battling HIV to Save Orphans

A veteran HIV and AIDS expert explains the plight of orphans and families affected by AIDS. »»

Spend A Day With A Zimbabwe Orphan On Twitter

Brenda Ndapasuwa takes you through a typical day in her life in Zimbabwe in celebration of International Youth Day. »»

Advocates Deliver Care, Guidance to Zimbabwe Orphans

Profound hardships await Zimbabwe's legions of orphans, but so do effective programs and caregivers with open arms. »»

Parents Support Each Other and Kids With HIV

Mothers and guardians of children with HIV in Zimbabwe are coming together to improve care and reduce discrimination through frank talk. »»

In Gambia, Friend and Counselor Remembered

Tacko Baldeh, 20 years old and full of dreams, brought life and energy to her corner of The Gambia. »»

Help for Orphans Creates Hope

Free school supplies, supplemental food, bedding and medical care turn life around for two orphaned brothers—one living with HIV—in Tanzania. »»

HIV Caregiver in Chad: Counselor, Healer, Hero

"Mary" didn't want anything to do with Monique. But when her family left her, Monique was the only person who was there. »»

Making Life A Little Easier for Orphans

Used to growling stomachs and being chased from school, orphans in Tanzania and across Africa are desperate for the help CRS and our partners provide. »»

Battling AIDS' Stigma in Egypt

A compassionate doctor reaches out to people rejected by society. »»

Living With HIV: 'The Truth Sets Me Free'

Faced with a string of tragedies, one Kenyan woman taps her Catholic faith to live positively with HIV and encourage others to do the same. »»

Stronger in Gambia, Despite HIV

For caregivers in The Gambia, dealing with HIV patients can be impossible until a more complicated problem is solved. »»

Hunger Haunts Cameroon Schoolgirl

Thirteen-year-old juggles homework and family hardships on one small meal a day. »»

HIV Center Gives New Life in Brazil

The Casa Fonte Colombo wellness center teaches people living with HIV how to adjust their lives to the disease. »»

Faith, Hope and Treatment

The Catholic Church and Global HIV and AIDS: View Part 1 of this new series on how the Catholic Church is responding to HIV and AIDS around the world. »»

Zambia Project Faces Dual Crisis: HIV and Food Supply

Success with medicine carries a corresponding need to deliver higher levels of nutrition during a time of scarcity and soaring prices. »»

Erick's Story

Meet Erick Omondi Okoth, from Kenya, orphaned as a teenager and as the eldest, left to care for seven siblings as well as eight cousins. »»

Rwandan Orphans Gain Skills, Confidence

CRS provides Rwandan orphans with the care and vocational training they need to learn new skills and earn income. »»

HIV Diagnosis Inspires Life of Service

Antiretroviral therapy re-energizes a Tanzanian woman living with HIV to give back to others. »»

Free Medicine Means New Life for Ugandan Girl

Volunteer support and free antiretroviral medicine give an 11-year-old orphan with HIV a second chance at life. »»

Children Orphaned By AIDS Hail Programs That Work

AIDS breaks up families and leaves children with no support. A closer look at three lives changed by CRS and local partners. »»

Hope for Children Affected By HIV

Watch this video to learn how CRS is helping orphans in western Kenya who have lost parents to AIDS to be kids again. »»

Making A New Kind of Difference

A CRS staff member taps his medical background to help orphans and other children impacted by the AIDS pandemic in Tanzania. »»

50 Years of Service in Ethiopia

Catholic Relief Services celebrates 50 years of providing relief and development assistance in Ethiopia. »»

The Power of Peace and Partnership

Tight ties between health care facilities in northern Uganda are helping displaced people live positively with HIV. »»

Strengthening Women and Preventing AIDS

As the spread of HIV slows in India, women's self-help groups help members manage the effects of the disease. »»

Photo Tour: Caring for Lesotho's Orphans

See what life is like for orphans living in the mountains of Lesotho and learn more about the range of services that CRS helps to provide. »»

Doctor Speaks Out On Atrocities of Rape

At a CRS-supported hospital in eastern Congo, a doctor comes face-to-face with the horrors of rape. He clamors for international awareness. »»

Finding Purpose in Malawi

A retired couple from California spends 18 months as CRS volunteers in Malawi, starting an orphan outreach center from the ground up. »»

Adopting A Girl, Breaking A Stigma

In Democratic Republic of the Congo, a family takes in an HIV-positive little girl and shows how love can trump a virus. »»

New Energy for A New Mom

Lifesaving HIV medications strengthen the bond between mother and daughter in northern Uganda. »»

Climbing Mountains to Reach Orphans

Orphaned by AIDS, thousands of children in Lesotho have had to fend for themselves - until a CRS project began providing for their basic needs. »»

A Helping Hand, A New Life

Through the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR), miracles happen for hundreds of thousands people affected by HIV. »»

AIDSRelief Marks Lifesaving Milestones

Today, AIDSRelief celebrated two major project achievements: more than 100,000 patients on antiretroviral therapy and 250,000 patients in care. »»

Window to A Life

A home visit opens a window on the life of one HIV-positive Ghanaian woman – and the volunteer who is dedicated to caring for her. »»

A One-Of-A-Kind Home in Guyana

Residents with HIV come to St. Vincent Care Centre wilted physically and mentally. Yet, adherence to medication is their greatest hurdle. »»

Proud, Pretty and HIV-Positive

HIV care in Ghana comes in many forms: medication, a kind word, a visit at home. »»

Fighting HIV and Strengthening Marriages

A unique program helps Ugandans improve their marriages with faith-based values and better communication. »»

2007 Year in Photos

Our year-end roundup salutes the work of our dedicated staff and beneficiaries, whose resiliency rises above the most challenging circumstances. »»

Helping People Living With HIV in Cameroon

Journey to Cameroon and learn about how CRS is supporting people living with HIV. »»

Saving the Next Generation

Medical services are helping pregnant mothers living with HIV in Uganda prevent transmission of the virus to their newborns. »»

AIDSrelief: Providing Treatment, Restoring Hope

Watch a video about the lifesaving AIDSRelief program and see the stories of the volunteers who counsel others on taking their antiretroviral therapy. »»

After HIV, Another Chance at Life — and Love

An HIV-support group in Nigeria gives men and women hope of finding strength - and a spouse. »»

Finding Ways to Help

College students from the United States are educating their peers about the HIV pandemic as part of CRS' College Leaders Program. »»

When the Golden Years Include HIV

In the remote interior of Cambodia, grandparents take on the new role of caring for their adult children as they meet the challenges of HIV. »»

Fighting HIV Discrimination in Guatemala

In a country with a growing HIV problem, CRS and Hospicio San Jose provide treatment, fight ignorance and help patients embrace life. »»

Community Care in Kenya

Join a community nurse, counselor and volunteer on visits to the homes of clients living with HIV in Kenya »»

HIV Medicines Offer Chance to Support Others

When antiretroviral medications gave a Tanzanian man his health back, they inspired him to teach others to live positively with the HIV virus. »»

Bringing HIV Help Into Homes

Community nurses, volunteers and counselors are bringing care and support right into the homes of people in need living with HIV. »»

In Nigeria, A Chance Meeting, A Saved Life

The stigma of HIV in Nigeria tears apart families and friends. One man's kindness toward a stranger saved her life and earned him a friend. »»

World AIDS Day

Leading up to World AIDS Day on December 1, CRS is recognizing the lives and amazing efforts of people living with HIV around the world. »»

Starting Again: A New Chance at Life

CRS is providing food to 3,000 Zimbabweans who receive medical treatment for HIV. The potent combination of medication and food is having a profound effect on their lives. »»

The Children Left Behind Exhibit

CRS invites you to be educated, inspired and empowered by an exhibit featuring the creative work and stories of AIDS orphans from around the world. »»

ART and A Little Help From Friends

Once limited to the wealthy, access to antiretroviral medications is helping many Ethiopians living with HIV today to lead long, productive lives. »»

Be Not Afraid

A college student reflects on the courage we are called to have in the face of the HIV pandemic. »»

Voices of Angels

Every week, a small chapel in Ethiopia fills with the joyful voices of children, who, despite their illness, find reason to celebrate. »»

Parish Social Ministries Director Visits Tanzania

Scott Cooper, director of parish social ministries for Catholic Charities in Spokane Washington recently traveled to Tanzania with CRS. »»

Teaching Deaf Students About Health

CRS supports HIV education among hearing impaired youth in eastern Zimbabwe. »»

Ethiopian Youth in Charge of Their AIDS Understanding

Teens in Ethiopia have greater awareness of HIV and AIDS thanks to the 'In Charge!' program, which fosters discussion on HIV and AIDS and prevention. »»

Drug Free, Employed and Poised for Life

At the CRS-supported Hoc Mon District Community Center, people learn to handle the social, psychological and economic effects of HIV. »»

Caring for Families in Guyana

In October of 2005, antiretroviral medicines came to Bartica by way of Bartica Regional Hospital. »»

Conflicts Across the Horn of Africa

An arc of crisis is stretching across the Horn of Africa, from Mogadishu, Somalia, to N'Djamena, Chad. »»

Protecting Vulnerable Livelihoods

An agricultural program includes a range of activities that help rural communities address some of their most critical challenges. »»

A Couple Making A Difference

In a rural community in Ghana, customers come to a small family-run shop for herbal remedies and counseling to people living with HIV. »»

Tender, Loving Care

At a CRS-supported medical facility, patients receive appropriate care and medication, and are treated with dignity and respect. »»

Providing Treatment and Restoring Hope in Haiti

In rural southern Haiti, a bustling medical facility uses a holistic approach to helping families and vulnerable children living with AIDS. »»

HIV and AIDS: India's Hidden Epidemic

Despite the large number of people living with HIV in India, there is still a tradition of silence when it comes to dealing with the disease. »»

In the Midst of Great Beauty, Breathtaking Tragedy

Lesotho is home to one of the highest HIV prevalence rates in the world. Learn how CRS is bringing hope to the people of Lesotho. »»

Education and Prevention of HIV and AIDS

Most Bolivians are uninformed about the transmission of HIV and AIDS. CRS has been working to change this among the most at-risk populations. »»

Santa Maria Hospice

A New Home and A New Life for HIV and AIDS Patients »»

Grace for Everyone

In 1951, Mother Teresa started Nirmal Hriday, her first home for the destitute and dying. Today, CRS still supports the work being done in this home. »»

Mamata's Story

When Mamata tested positive for HIV, she gave up hope. But now, as part of a CRS-sponsored nutritional support project, her condition is improving. »»

Honduran Mother Shows Courage in the Face of AIDS

Angelica Savala came back from the brink of death and now works to fight against the stigma that many face as a result of their HIV status. »»

Sizakele’s Story

When her mother died in 1999, Sizakele joined the growing list of children in South Africa who are growing up without parents. »»

Meet Yoram Siame From Youth Alive

Founded in 1996, Youth Alive's mission is create a healthy state of mind through behavior formation and change. »»

Raising Self-Esteem to Combat HIV and AIDS

Through an innovative approach to HIV prevention, the parish of Domingo Sabio is teaching youth in Los Guandules how to make good life choices. »»

Foundation Femme Plus

Foundation Femme Plus was created in 1994 to address the growing HIV pandemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo. »»

Life in Its Fullness HIV and AIDS Project

CRS prioritized prevention, education and attention initiatives to address AIDS in Ecuador. »»

HIV and AIDS Project

In Haiti, CRS takes an integrated approach in all of our HIV and AIDS programming. »»

We Are All Connected

"I think what we are doing for children affected by AIDS is really commendable," says Alice, a 13-year veteran with CRS Zimbabwe. »»

Improving Care and Support for Vulnerable Children

The CRS-supported STRIVE project, more than 20,000 orphans and other vulnerable children are receiving multi-faceted care on a regular basis. »»

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