CRS Addresses All Areas of HIV Programming

Josphat, who recently tested positive for HIV, receives care from Dr. Kasong Tshijing

CRS supports 184 HIV programs in 35 countries. In Zambia, Josphat receives care from Dr. Kasong Tshijing at an AIDSRelief-supported hospital. Learn more about CRS' HIV and AIDS programming. Photo by Jake Lyell for CRS

Stories From the Field

Isack and Florah read the Bible together in their home in Tanzania. They both participated in The Faithful House program. The Faithful House: Using Catholic Values to Strengthen Families
CRS' Michele Broemmelsiek speaks to EWTN's Son Rise Morning Show about a program that helps prevent the spread of HIV and strengthens families all at the same time.

Epiphanie and Josiane in northern Rwanda are both HIV positive, but thanks to prophylaxis treatment provided through the AIDSRelief consortium, their children are virus-free. CRS Celebrates Success of Life-Saving HIV Work
CRS celebrated the success of AIDSRelief, a consortium that has enabled the care of more than 700,000 patients, with almost 400,000 of those on antiretroviral treatment since 2004.

Betty Ayaa, who is living with HIV, poses with two of her four children at her home in Uganda. While she was pregnant with her youngest child, a CRS program provided her with medication that prevented HIV from being passed on to her newborn. CRS World Report: Helping HIV+ Mothers Have Healthy Babies
Listen to CRS' Dr. Kazadi explain how mothers living with HIV are giving birth to healthy babies.

Gertrude Nyambe, a volunteer caregiver with CRS, checks medications for a family whose parents are living with HIV. Report to Congress: PEPFAR Program has been 'Globally Transformative'
CRS has played a major role in implementing PEPFAR, which has made a global difference in the lives of people with HIV. Congress asked for a report on the impact PEPFAR has made.

Students in Tanzania will have a brighter future, thanks to CRS' ongoing orphans and vulnerable children projects. Catholic Advocacy Extends PEPFAR's 'Lazarus Effect'
Thanks to dedicated supporters, CRS remains a strong supporting arm of the Catholic Church's care for people with HIV.

Facts About HIV and AIDS

  1. More than 30 years into the pandemic, UNAIDS estimates that more than 35 million people worldwide are living with HIV. This number includes an estimated 3.3 million children under the age of 15 years.
  2. The number of people living with HIV increases each year because fewer people are dying, thanks to the increasing availability of lifesaving antiretroviral medication.
  3. In 2012, more than 10 million people worldwide were receiving HIV medication, known as antiretroviral therapy. Since 1996, antiretroviral therapy averted 6.6 million HIV-related deaths worldwide
  4. Despite this progress, HIV still presents a serious global health crisis. In 2012, more than 6,300 people were infected every day. In the United States, one in five of those people (20 percent) were unaware of their HIV status.
  5. Catholic Relief Services has been on the forefront of the epidemic since launching our first HIV project in Uganda in 1989. Today, CRS and our partners directly support more than 4 million people affected by the epidemic.

They Said It Couldn't be Done

It seemed like impossible odds. How could anyone stem the HIV epidemic in the developing world? They said it couldn't be done—too many impoverished people, too little infrastructure, lack of consistent medical care in remote areas. Learn how Catholic Relief Services and our partners did the impossible.