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Stories About Health

Basic Tools and Teaching Help Fight Haiti Cholera

Early results of an urgent campaign to contain a tenacious disease has health workers in Haiti reporting some rare good news. »»

In Sierra Leone, Teaching Girls How to Say No

Teenage girls are targets of pervasive sexual aggression by peers and older men. A CRS program helps them resist. »»

CRS Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

CRS mobilized a massive response to help contain a deadly cholera outbreak before it spreads to Port-au-Prince and the vulnerable tent camps. »»

Battling Malaria in Senegal

For a villager in Senegal, Abou Deme is unusual: He speaks English, listens to the BBC, likes world politics and is committed to stopping malaria. »»

Healthier Moms, Healthier Babies

In East Timor, where maternal and infant mortality rates are high, CRS teaches married couples how to space births through Natural Family Planning. »»

Reaching Out to Northern Sudan

CRS helps a half million people in Darfur and Khartoum to improve their lives in spite of difficult circumstances. »»

New Limbs for Sri Lanka's Amputees

What is lost in an amputation is more than a limb. New technology helps survivors regain identity and independence. »»

World Malaria Day Is April 25

How to defend against this persistent, unwelcome houseguest. »»

Under the Malaria Safety Net in Niger

Hawa knows the nightmare of malaria. So now, every night, she herds her brood under the mosquito net. Then she crawls in after them. »»

Buzz Killer: Nets Shield Against Malaria Bug

A simple, inexpensive precaution saves lives by keeping the anopheles mosquito at bay. »»

2009: A Year in Photos

2009 may well be remembered by CRS supporters and beneficiaries as a year of blessings in the face of a global financial crisis. »»

Rape in Congo: Grim Statistics, Tender Lives

Counselors in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, report that civilian men are joining the ranks of armed groups committing rapes. »»

Flood Turns Senegal Town Into Fetid Swamp

A CRS health worker stepped in to guide cleanup crews in removing garbage and septic waste to make streets safe again. »»

Health for Women, Children, Community

A state-of-the-art mothers and children's hospital is providing a wide range of medical services to the people of Banda Aceh, Indonesia. »»

One Man's Mission: Stop Rape in Congo

Pick your armed group in Congo, and it is likely Honoré Bisimwa has talked to them. His job: Persuade them not to rape. »»

Congo Rape Counselor Offers Comfort, Confidentiality

A girl traumatized by a brutal crime and burdened with shame clings to the one woman she can trust. »»

Countering Domestic Violence in Refugee Camps

Chantal's husband regularly beat her until a program in a Chadian camp for refugees began counseling him and authorities started arresting abusers. »»

Giving Congo's Midwives A Helping Hand

Florence has been in labor for two days. But she's in luck. Trained midwives are helping her. Only one question remains: When will the baby arrive? »»

Gambian Women Take Up Fight Against Malaria

In The Gambia, 18 women formed a group to save money. They soon began saving their community from malaria. »»

Cholera Risk Persists in Zimbabwe

Although cholera programs have drastically reduced cases in Zimbabwe in recent months, many fear a new outbreak when rains next arrive. »»

Saying 'No' to 'The Cut' in Kenya

Kenyan communities find an alternative to female circumcision that upholds tradition and girls' health. »»

World Malaria Day: Help Fight A Killer

April 25 is World Malaria Day. Malaria expert Mary Hennigan discusses the impact of malaria on communities, and CRS' work to combat the disease. »»

In Sierra Leone, Pregnant and Praying for Success

Sierra Leone has the highest maternal mortality rate in the world. It's especially dangerous for pregnant women in remote areas. »»

Malaria Project Battles Angola's #1 Killer

More than 17,000 Angolans will benefit from education, training, medicine and and mosquito nets to fight malaria. »»

Tuberculosis Makes Filipinos Their Brothers' Keepers

Tuberculosis remains a major threat in 22 developing nations, including the Philippines, but people are taking charge of their community's health. »»

Team Battles Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic With Training

Simple prevention measures help Zimbabwe fend off disease that takes advantage of the country's advanced development. »»

Niger Fights Malnutrition Through Education

In Niger, they are talking about food groups and urging mothers to change their cooking habits. The result: a drop in malnutrition. »»

Breaking Malnutrition's Cycle in Guatemala

The global food crisis deepens chronic poverty as Guatemala's Mayan farmers struggle to feed their children. »»

Raising Healthy Babies in Egypt

Egyptian women from rural villages are learning to prevent disease and take good care of their infants. The result is lowered child mortality. »»

A Leader With Dreams and Determination

One man's vision as a young boy led him to become a successful community leader and model for many in a country of great need—Niger. »»

One Precious Little Miracle in Guatemala

When Diana was a month old, she was left abandoned in a trash can. Thanks to the care she has received at San Jose Hospice she is now thriving. »»

Clinic Becomes Oasis for Nigerien Nomads

Nigerian nomads find CRS and Caritas clinic programs fit health care into their lifestyle. »»

Cholera Outbreak in Zimbabwe Worsens

Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans are getting care and food as CRS continues its lifesaving work amid difficult circumstances. »»

Health Volunteers Spread the Word After Floods

Hygiene program helps Bangladesh community promote health after the chaos of annual floods. »»

Lebanon's Littlest Refugees

When families are fleeing for their lives, their babies and toddlers need special care. »»

An Oasis for Pregnant Women

A CRS-supported home in Guinea-Bissau means survival for at-risk mothers and their newborns. »»

Strangers in A Strange Land

Vivian Manneh is a regional program manager for CRS in the Middle East. She reflects on the realities that refugees across the world face. »»

Little By Little, Life Gets Better Every Day

With the help of training and a loan, a widow and her son established a small business and escaped the grip of extreme poverty in Guatemala. »»

Doctor Speaks Out On Atrocities of Rape

At a CRS-supported hospital in eastern Congo, a doctor comes face-to-face with the horrors of rape. He clamors for international awareness. »»

Delivering Tuberculosis Care On A Motorcycle

A CRS-supported project is helping rural families in the eastern Philippines stave off tuberculosis by bringing health care to their doorsteps. »»

Photo Tour: Providing Care in the Face of Peril

In Democratic Republic of the Congo, women facing the deep physical and emotional scars of rape seek healing from a rural doctor. »»

Treating the Atrocity of Rape, Part 3

Lane Hartill recently visited eastern Congo, where he documented CRS' response to the sexual violence that is an atrocity of the ongoing war. »»

Fighting HIV and Strengthening Marriages

A unique program helps Ugandans improve their marriages with faith-based values and better communication. »»

2007 Year in Photos

Our year-end roundup salutes the work of our dedicated staff and beneficiaries, whose resiliency rises above the most challenging circumstances. »»

For Congolese Women, A Lifesaver

In a remote Congolese village, Dr. Freddy Mubuto is the last hope for women enduring perilous childbirth — and unspeakable horrors of war. »»

The Betty Crocker of Buli Village

Child malnutrition is a serious problem in northern Ghana. One mother is sharing recipes and cooking techniques that could save children's lives. »»

Fluoride-Free Water Brings Smiles in Ethiopia

Ethiopian villagers appreciate their convenient access to clean defluoridated water, improving overall health and making tooth and bone decay history. »»

The Meaning of 50 Years

Nearing the third anniversary of the South Asia tsunami, CRS reflects on 50 years of work in Indonesia and the resilience of the communities we serve. »»

Kenyan Mothers Promote Breastfeeding

Innovative support groups encourage mothers to exclusively breastfeed their infants, dramatically improving child health in Kenya. »»

Clinic, School Return to War-Torn Lebanon

A southern Lebanon community celebrates the reopening of a building destroyed by war, thanks to assistance from CRS and a local partner. »»

Inside Tour: Free Medical Aid in Somalia

In response to increased violence in Somalia, CRS provides assistance to the Caritas Somalia clinic in Baidoa. »»

Free Clinic Offers Relief in Somalia

In a country reeling from violence and chaos, a CRS-supported clinic brings relief and free health care to 120 patients a day. »»

CRS President Reflects On the Impact of Malaria

As we observe Africa Malaria Day, we are called to reflect on the horrific devastation these mosquitoes can have on development when they transmit malaria to humans. »»

Biting Back Against Malaria

Each year, at least 300 million people worldwide contract malaria. Of those, more than 1 million die — the majority of them African children. »»

Ethiopian Communities Take Control of Malaria

Using a new participatory learning method developed by CRS and our partners, communities in Ethiopia will work together to stop malaria in its tracks. »»

Taking the Bite Out of Tarija

In Tarija, Bolivia, families often fall victim to Chagas' disease because their homes are poorly constructed, but CRS is working to change that. »»

Reflections On A Lifetime of Service

Over her career with CRS, Hannah Evans Lutterodt has seen many changes both within the agency, and within the country. »»

The Face of Malaria

In India, malaria, a disease that should be preventable, frequently takes the lives of children or their parents or turns their world upside down. »»

Safety Nets Against Malaria

If something as simple as a $7 mosquito net could protect your children from a deadly disease, you would use it. Many in The Gambia don't have this option. »»

Mariama's Story Continues

While Mariama was well enough to leave the CRS-supported feeding center in Dogondoutchi, Niger, after just nine days, her journey to good health continues. »»

After the Taliban: Hope for the Future

The rise and fall of the Taliban has dramatically affected the lives of the Afghan people, especially women. A CRS staffer reflects on the changes. »»

Nine Days On the Road to Recovery

Just nine days after Deejay brought her 10-month-old daughter Mariama to the nutritional center, Mariama had gained enough weight to return home. »»

Reduce the Transmission of Malaria

CRS works to educate people about the dangers of malaria while constructing new, solid homes that eliminate breeding grounds for mosquitoes. »»

Grace for Everyone

In 1951, Mother Teresa started Nirmal Hriday, her first home for the destitute and dying. Today, CRS still supports the work being done in this home. »»

Hospital Opens With Spirit of Recovery in Banda Aceh

The opening of a new hospital symobolizes the spirit of recovery in Bande Aceh following the devastation caused by the Indian Ocean tsunami. »»

Strengthening Community Banks in Cotopaxi

CRS is working with the Cotopaxi province to provide high quality, efficient and sustainable financial services to the poor. »»

Dr. Candida Sends You Greetings of Peace

As CRS Dominican Republic's manager for the health, water and sanitation department, Doctora Candida feels she has found her niche. »»

Housing Improvement and Chagas Disease Prevention

CRS aims to stem the transmission of Chagas by working with families to utilize better home-building techniques areas where the disease is prevalent. »»

Essential Medicines Distribution Program

With chronic poverty and a failing public health system, there is a critical need for medicines in Argentina to which Caritas Argentina is responding. »»

Promoting Quality Health Care

CRS' Quality Health Care Promotion project in Totora, Brazil aims to improve the quality of health care using gender-specific training. »»

Intergrated Health Programming in Sankuru

CRS developed a primary health care program to improve the health status of pregnant and lactating women and young children in the Sankuru district. »»

Meet Father Patricio Lopez From the Diocese of Ambato

The Diocese of Ambato and CRS work together to implement health and credit projects, and to carry out emergency response and preparedness activities. »»

Meet Carmen Galeas of Caritas San Miguel

Caritas works to improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of Salvadoran society - children, farmers and victims of disasters. »»

Trauma Therapy Project

The Trauma Therapy project helps people in communities devastated by the 2001 earthquakes express feelings provoked by the disasters. »»

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