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Health: Technical Partners and Donors

In addition to the support of individual donors, CRS receives funding from a variety of sources including:

  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Bureau of Humanitarian Response
  • Offices of Private Voluntary Cooperation and Food for Peace
  • USAID local in-country missions
  • The World Bank
  • The European Union
  • Catholic Medical Mission Board
  • European Caritasnetwork
  • The Linkages Project
  • The BASICS Project
  • The OMNI Project
  • The QA Project
  • The Child Survival Technical Support Project
  • Food and Nutrition Technical Assistance Projects
  • United Nations World Health Organization

In addition, CRS and its programs benefit from participation in the Private Voluntary Organizations Collaborations and Resources (CORE) Group and the Food Aid Management (FAM) group - two consortia of non-governmental organizations that promote best practices in health programming.

CRS' health program also creates partnerships between community and local resources, individuals, families, communities, church social services, the Ministry of Health, and other private and public health/development organizations. These partnerships make resources available to address underlying causes of health problems in the community, and allow for learning and information sharing among organizations.

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