World Malaria Day is April 25

How to defend against this persistent, unwelcome houseguest.

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Let's Eradicate Malaria

Hopkins And Catholic Group To Shield World Against Malaria

World Malaria Day Resources

World Health Organization: World Malaria Report 2011

We Control Malaria

Nets for Nets: Sports Shootout to Help Fight Malaria in Africa and Asia

Five Facts About Malaria's Carrier: Anopheles

  1. Anopheles mosquitoes are found everywhere in the world except Antarctica.
  2. Of around 3,500 mosquito species, only 30 to 40 transmit malaria.
  3. Mosquitoes can develop from egg to adult in as little as five days.
  4. The female Anopheles mosquito carries malaria parasites.
  5. The female mosquito usually needs a blood meal for her eggs to develop.

Stories About Malaria

Child with malaria net. The Global Fund Advances the Mission of CRS
With support from the Global Fund, CRS has teamed with the Catholic Church and other partners to provide critical health services including malaria treatment and prevention measures.

Hawa with her children. Under the Malaria Safety Net in Niger
Hawa knows the nightmare of malaria. So now, every night, she herds her brood under the mosquito net. Then she crawls in after them.

Woman showing malaria net. Gambian Women Take Up Fight Against Malaria
In The Gambia, 18 women formed a group to save money. They soon began saving their community from malaria.