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Stories From Haiti

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The CRS Collection: Help Jesus in Disguise

The Catholic Relief Services Collection will be held the weekend of March 15 and will support vulnerable families around the globe. »»

Haiti Quake: Photos Then and Now

CRS staff revisit scenes of devastation photographed in 2010 and bring back pictures that mark change and progress. »»

In 2015, Keep the Light On for CRS

This New Year, share your epiphanies with us and become the bright spot for millions around the world. »»

Haiti Commitment: 3 Reasons Partnerships Have Been Key

Five years after the earthquake, focus has shifted from recovery to comprehensive long-term development in Haiti. »»

Five Years Later:The Earthquake as a Catalyst of Change

Five years ago, a massive earthquake brought destruction and increased challenges to Haiti. But reconstruction has brought new opportunities. »»

Haiti's Future: Commitment to Catholic Schools

During four years of quake relief and recovery, a coalition of Church associations join parishes to undertake a massive upgrade to teacher training. »»

Haiti Quake Recovery at 4 Years

CRS work permeates strata of Haitian life from family to school to national civic life. »»

Haiti Housing: First, Create Community

A first-of-its-kind housing project is being built for and by residents of one of Port-au-Prince's largest temporary resettlement camps. »»

St. François de Sales Hospital Rises Anew

Destroyed in the 2010 Haiti earthquake, a new state-of-the-art facility is born. »»

Rebuilding A Haiti Hospital: Fact Sheet

St. François de Sales Hospital, destroyed by the Haiti earthquake, will return as a state-of-the-art teaching facility serving poor people. »»

Achievements in Haiti

Thanks to your support, in the 3 years since the January 2010 earthquake, Catholic Relief Services has helped put Haitians back on track. »»

Haiti: Getting Back to Business

Three years after the catastrophic earthquake, CRS' partnership with Outreach to Haiti is still going strong. »»

A Church for the Future in Haiti

Before and after the devastating quake destroyed much of the capital city, one thing has been constant in Haitian life: the Catholic Church. »»

In Haiti, a Jewel Rises From the Rubble

The Haiti quake nearly destroyed St. François de Sales Hospital in Port-a-Prince. A new state-of-the-art facility will serve Haitians for generations. »»

Extending God's Healing Touch

Your support of CRS delivers the promise of abundant life by bringing health care to many of the poorest, most remote corners of the world. »»

Parish Twinning Links Haitian, U.S. Catholics

Catholics in Haiti and the United States strengthen existing bonds and form new ones in the wake of the January earthquake. »»

Haiti Quake Response and Recovery

After 2 years, the most hopeful sign in and around Port-au-Prince is Haitians' taking on the task of rebuilding their lives and country. »»

Haitians Rebuilding Haiti

Just 2 years after a devastating earthquake, your support is helping survivors restart businesses, find better shelter and serve their communities. »»

You Are Putting Haitians Back on Track

In just 2 years, your support has helped Haitians build homes, restart businesses and move toward financial independence in Port-au-Prince and beyond. »»

You're the Hero in a Real-Life Drama

We are all moved by images of human catastrophe. But, afterward, even more astounding scenes play out every day. »»

Building Back Better

See all the different ways your support helps people around the world after disasters strike. »»

Mom Passes the Earthquake Test

Magalie Rigaud trusted God and kept calm while she protected her sons under a supermarket roof brought down by the Haiti quake. »»

World Water Day Is March 22

With two thirds of the earth under water, you might not think we'd need a day to remind us that millions of people don't have near enough of it. »»

Basic Tools and Teaching Help Fight Haiti Cholera

Early results of an urgent campaign to contain a tenacious disease has health workers in Haiti reporting some rare good news. »»

From Rubble to Reconstruction

CRS offers communities in Haiti an opportunity to use small machinery to turn rubble into sand and gravel that can be sold or used in reconstruction. »»

Timeline of Progress in Haiti

Read stories and see pictures of the difference your generosity is making for the Haitian people after an earthquake destroyed most of Port-au-Prince. »»

Hurricane Tomas Strikes Haiti

Hurricane Tomas has made landfall and CRS is prepared to respond throughout Haiti. Photo courtesy of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration »»

CRS Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

CRS mobilized a massive response to help contain a deadly cholera outbreak before it spreads to Port-au-Prince and the vulnerable tent camps. »»

Haiti Shelter Building Boom

A master carpenter from the U.S. joins CRS in Haiti to help build thousands of shelters for earthquake survivors. »»

Finding Homes for Haiti's Orphans

God, says Enock Vilma, spared him for a mission to help children separated from their parents by the Haiti quake. »»

Haiti Homes Under Construction

Prefabricated houses provide local jobs, better protection against the elements, and fast, quality construction. »»

Haiti Heroes Offer Thanks

CRS staff in Haiti sends sincere thanks for your support of the Haitian people following the January 12 earthquake. »»

Helping Haiti, Looking Ahead

Almost six months after the quake, Haiti relief workers see a long, complex, but clear path to full recovery. »»

Buried Alive By Haiti Quake

Magalie Rigaud, a CRS employee in Haiti, spent 8 hours buried in a collapsed supermarket with her sons, two frightened strangers and her faith. »»

Rallying for Haiti

The Diocese of Orange in California responded to the Haiti quake with creativity and contagious enthusiasm. »»

Catholics in U.S. Show Solidarity With Haiti

Catholics in the United States rallied to support the people of Haiti after the massive earthquake ravaged the nation in January. »»

Putting Shelter Materials to Use in Haiti

Kits offer sturdy, easy-to-build shelters that are critical to long-term survival following the earthquake that shattered much of Port-au-Prince. »»

Haiti Camps Prepare for Rains

Cash-for-work crews dig drainage canals to divert water under the looming threat of flooding and mudslides in quake-shattered Port-au-Prince. »»

The Power of Pennies

After the Haiti earthquake in January, students at Catholic schools in the United States raised funds for the survivors and the relief effort. »»

Simple Tools, Big Benefit

Learn how six everyday items are changing life for the better in earthquake-devastated Haiti. »»

Three-Month Haiti Quake Anniversary Nears

Long-term recovery plans begin to take shape even as emergency relief response continues. »»

'Before We Had Water We Were Suffering'

In Haiti's makeshift camps, CRS water provisions quench thirst and help prevent disease. »»

Water Is Essential to Haiti Recovery

Water and sanitation projects save lives after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake destroyed most of the water infrastructure in Haiti's capital. »»

World Water Day Is March 22

World Water Day reminds us how rare clean water sources are in much of the world, and how many parts of life are improved when water is made available. »»

Shoring Up Haiti's Water Resources

Paul Hicks, CRS' coordinator for the Global Water Initiative, is currently in Haiti. He speaks about the importance of water in an emergency. »»

Taking the Long View for Haiti

With donations topping $90 million and donors still giving, CRS looks ahead to new phases in the Haiti response. »»

Helping Hands for Haiti

Your continued generosity is enabling CRS to make a real difference in Haiti. Learn more about our work in the aftermath of January's earthquake. »»

Haiti Rebuild Presents A 'Herculean Task'

Cleaning up and using improved building material and procedures is the easy part. Knowing whom to ask for permission to build is another story. »»

Haiti Month One: Food for Half A Million

Food distributions continue as CRS looks ahead to improved shelters for Haitians awaiting the rainy season. »»

Prayer, Education and Youth Ministry Resources on Haiti

CRS has prepared resources that can be used as we join in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Haiti. »»

CRS Responds to the Haiti Earthquake

The Catholic Church through CRS continues to deliver food, shelter and medical care to Port-au-Prince earthquake survivors. »»

Haiti Survivor Describes 'Apocalypse'

CRS Haiti's Karel Zelenka, who himself survived the earthquake, says the aid response has been amazing but there's still much to be done. »»

Haiti: 'I've Never Seen Anything Like This'

Returning from Haiti, CRS President Ken Hackett describes scenes of terrible hardship and amazing relief efforts. »»

Funeral for Haiti Archbishop

More than 1,000 mourners gathered to honor the memories of two clergymen killed in the January 12 Port-au-Prince earthquake. »»

Haitian Clergy Mourned at Funeral Mass

Amid ongoing Haiti relief efforts, CRS officials join mourners at the funeral of Port-au-Prince's archbishop and vicar general. »»

Food for 50,000 at Haiti Camp

Along with a massive food distribution, CRS is working with Haitian parishes to set up aid distribution points throughout the capital city. »»

Haiti Golf Course Transformed Into Relief Camp

CRS distributes supplies to thousands of Haitians »»

All-Out Effort for Haiti

Pictures tell a tale of massive destruction and relentless efforts to deliver relief. »»

Haiti Quake Survivor Back at Work

'The challenge is that we can feed people today, but the needs will continue.' »»

Volunteers Orchestrate Help for Haiti Quake Survivors

Haitian University students work with local youth, former street children and CRS staff to prepare needed food and hygiene kits for quake survivors. »»

2009: A Year in Photos

2009 may well be remembered by CRS supporters and beneficiaries as a year of blessings in the face of a global financial crisis. »»

Faces of HIV Care

Throughout the world, CRS supports millions of people with HIV as they live fulfilling and productive lives. »»

Midwest Diocese Helps Bear Haiti Burdens

An image of malnourished children compelled parishioners to look beyond their problems by reaching out to Haitians in dire need. »»

Haiti Co-Op Pins Recovery Hopes to Fair Trade

Haiti's once-thriving coffee industry suffered a severe downturn in the 1980s. Today, CRS is helping farmers revive this rich crop. »»

Haiti Braces for Another Hurricane Season

Haiti continues cleanup from last hurricane season while bracing for the next big hit. »»

Timkatec Children's Center

More than a decade after Father Joseph Simon started rescuing Port-au-Prince's abandoned and abused street children, his sanctuary is thriving. »»

Timkatec Children's Center

Patrick O'Shea knows first-hand what it is like to be an orphan. Now, he helps orphans in Haiti by supporting the Timkatec Children's Center. »»

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