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Haiti Housing: First, Create Community

When they arrived in Carradeux after Haiti's devastating January 2010 earthquake, the hundreds of families who settled the camp were strangers. Many were moved by government order from their first refuge—school grounds—to Carradeux. Most had lost homes, many had lost jobs and some had lost family and friends. Still mourning, they were all desperate, all afraid.

Today, three-and-a-half years later, desperation has been replaced by a sense of community. Strangers are now friends. Along the way, CRS provided basic necessities—clean water, latrines, jobs and transitional shelters. But it was the families who made the camp a home. And now they're about to participate in the country's first project to design and develop permanent homes, thanks to access to affordable credit and mutual savings programs. As Haiti marks the earthquake's fourth anniversary, the residents of camp Carradeux say that, in place of fear, they now have hope.

Click through this photo gallery to meet the people of Carradeux.

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