Haiti: What You Help Make Possible

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Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of supporters in the United States, Catholic Relief Services can ensure that help reaches those who need it most. As part of a plan that will span 5 years and beyond, CRS will spend more than $211 million to help the people of Haiti recover from their catastrophic loss.

CRS has received $211 million for Haiti relief and rebuilding. Of this, $133 million came from private donors, including $50 million received from special collections for Haiti in Catholic dioceses across the United States.

Breakdown of CRS Spending in Haiti

Activity Inception-to-Date Expenses
(as of June 30, 2015)
Emergency Response* $27,423,420
Health and Support to Hospitals 33,639,673
Shelter 36,262,573
Water and Sanitation 24,488,138
Food Security and Livelihoods 51,050,950
Education and Child Protection 9,293,683
Church Partnership 5,847,694
Supporting Services 12,251,309
Total Earthquake Response $200,257,440

These are preliminary numbers which have not been audited.

** Emergency Response includes expenditures in a number of sectors from the first days of the response.

*** 92 percent of CRS' total operating expenses represent program service costs and 8 percent represent support costs.