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Stories From Guinea

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Surviving Ebola: One Woman's Story

She lost a child—and nearly lost her life—but found the help she needed through CRS and Caritas. »»

Training Health Care Workers for Ebola

In Guinea, one of 3 West African countries worst affected by the Ebola outbreak, CRS is training more than 3,000 health care workers. »»

Ebola Outbreak: Protecting Health Care Workers

In Guinea, CRS is training more than 3,000 health care workers to help stop the spread of the deadly virus in health facilities. »»

Ebola: Doctors Risk Their Lives for Their Village

They left practices in Guinea's capital city to return to their stricken home village to help stop Ebola. »»

Thanks for Being There

People you don't even know are giving thanks for having you in their lives. »»

Malaria: Success Against A Persistent Disease

Along multiple fronts and with strong partnerships, CRS pushes to counter a grim and too often fatal mosquito borne illness. »»

Buzz Killer: Nets Shield Against Malaria Bug

A simple, inexpensive precaution saves lives by keeping the anopheles mosquito at bay. »»

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