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Stories From Guinea

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Surviving Ebola: One Woman's Story

She lost a child—and nearly lost her life—but found the help she needed through CRS and Caritas. »»

Training Health Care Workers for Ebola

In Guinea, one of 3 West African countries worst affected by the Ebola outbreak, CRS is training more than 3,000 health care workers. »»

Ebola Outbreak: Protecting Health Care Workers

In Guinea, CRS is training more than 3,000 health care workers to help stop the spread of the deadly virus in health facilities. »»

Ebola: Doctors Risk Their Lives for Their Village

They left practices in Guinea's capital city to return to their stricken home village to help stop Ebola. »»

Malaria: Success Against A Persistent Disease

Along multiple fronts and with strong partnerships, CRS pushes to counter a grim and too often fatal mosquito borne illness. »»

Buzz Killer: Nets Shield Against Malaria Bug

A simple, inexpensive precaution saves lives by keeping the anopheles mosquito at bay. »»

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