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CRS Partners in Guinea

Catholic Relief Services develops and runs programs in collaboration with local partners. The Catholic Church is CRS Guinea's primary partner. The church and CRS have collaborated on several projects, including refugee interventions in N'érékoré, a primary-school project in Boké, HIV and AIDS education in Conakry, and nutritional support to sick and orphaned children through the Missionaries of Charity.

Missionaries of Charity

CRS supports the Missionaries of Charity in the capital of Conakry with a simple but precious commodity: rice. For the thousands who have benefited from this meal, it has meant the difference between hunger and health.

The sisters — who come from India, Nigeria and Benin — are devoted to taking care of the destitute in Conakry. Many of those who come are malnourished children, accompanied by their mothers who are unable to feed them. Others are HIV-positive. The sisters care for 25 people a day.

The Missionaries of Charity also deliver food to the state prison; twice a week they feed sick prisoners and on Saturday, they feed all of them. To make sure the food gets to the prisoners and doesn't end up on the plates of officials, the sisters deliver and serve it themselves.

West Africa Network for Peacebuilding

The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding was established in September 1998 and works to promote peace, train those involved in the peacebuilding process, develop conflict-prevention solutions, and advocate for just social, political and economic structures.

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