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Stories From Guatemala

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Restoring Coffee Farms in Guatemala

A group Guatemalans once displaced by the country's civil conflict turn a devastating coffee fungus into an opportunity, with the help of CRS. »»

Improving Child Health and Survival in Guatemala

The SEGAMIL program works with families in Guatemala to stop the cycle of malnutrition and give children a healthy start. »»

Unaccompanied Minors: An Alarming Surge in Numbers

CRS responds as more children face the perilous prospect of crossing borders to escape poverty and violence. »»

Outsmarting Coffee Leaf Rust in Guatemala

Guatemalan coffee growers learn to keep their farms alive and families fed despite a leaf rust crisis. »»

Child Labor Belongs in a Classroom

In Guatemala, parents are learning that an education can ultimately benefit a family more than the immediate help a child brings to the workplace. »»

No Longer Strangers

Pedro Antonio Ordoñez López of Santa Rosa, Guatemala, talks about his experience meeting a church group from New Jersey. »»

Faces of HIV Care

Throughout the world, CRS supports millions of people with HIV as they live fulfilling and productive lives. »»

Guatemala Visit Grows American Teen's 'Family'

During a visit to a partner diocese in Guatemala, an American teen makes an unexpected discovery: open hearts in the midst of poverty. »»

Guatemalans Make A Future By Saving for It

In Guatemala's western highlands, a group of HIV patients learns survival skills under a newly introduced microfinance model. »»

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