U.S. International Assistance Reform and our Catholic Response

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What is the issue?

The United States' international assistance program today is based on overlapping objectives, encompasses no unifying strategy and is poorly coordinated. The poorest countries in the world receive as little as one fourth of U.S. international assistance. Many assistance programs are designed with little input from the people who are supposed to benefit from them.

At the same time, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) has a long history of addressing global poverty and supporting U.S. international assistance. USCCB and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) urge the U.S. to make reforms to our nation's international assistance program and increase our commitment to poverty reduction by ensuring that sufficient resources are available to meet long-term development needs and address emerging and unanticipated humanitarian needs. USCCB and CRS also affirm strong support for restoring the Mexico City Policy against funding groups that perform or promote abortion. Read more ...

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International Assistance
International assistance helps people live lives worthy of their dignity as human beings, made in God’s image and likeness. Bill O’Keefe, Director of Policy and Advocacy at Catholic Relief Services, talks about how Catholics can work to improve and increase international assistance, so that children of God across the world can lift themselves out of poverty.
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