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Stories From Ghana

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Quenching A Thirst for Better Lives

Your support of CRS water projects improves every aspect of life for people all over the world. »»

Mixing Tradition and Training for Healthy Births

Respect for tradition led to new ways of caring for mothers in Ghana before and after they give birth. Now, maternal mortality rates are dropping. »»

What We're Thankful for This Week

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we wanted to take this opportunity to count our many blessings. »»

Classrooms Without Walls Fail Children

Grown-up orphan wonders how Ghana's children who are eager to learn, will get a proper education with no classrooms. »»

Thomas Awiapo: Two By Two

Thomas Awiapo believes the secret to solving the world's many and complex problems might be…you. »»

Empowered for Life: the Thomas Awiapo Story

As a young orphan in Ghana, Thomas Awiapo was drawn to school by food aid. Now he educates American Catholics about hunger and the global food crisis. »»

Out of Burning Hunger, A Passionate Voice for Africa

An orphan from Ghana, Thomas Awiapo knows hunger, but he also knows compassion. Every year he tells his story to Americans to teach—and to say thanks. »»

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