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CRS Partners in Ghana

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of Ghana

Catholic Relief Services Ghana partners with the Catholic Church of Ghana through the Diocesan Development Office structure. The largest project being implemented with the Diocesan Development Offices is the HIV and AIDS care and prevention project, which reaches people living with HIV in five dioceses, providing care and support coverage to Ghana's Eastern, Western, Ashanti and Upper East Regions.

A peacebuilding project is being implemented in partnership with the Diocese of Damongo in the Northern Region of Ghana. This project also reaches out to all five dioceses in the Tamale Ecclesiastical Province through the Satellite Peace Center initiative.

Finally, the agribusiness project is being implemented on a pilot scale with the Diocese of Navrongo-Bolgatanga.

Ministry of Education and Sports; Ghana Education Service

CRS Ghana partners with the Ghana Education Service to implement the school feeding, quality education and school health projects in 34 districts in Ghana's three northern regions. The Ghana Education Service staff is responsible for monitoring, reporting and providing oversight for CRS projects. Key staff includes teachers at the community level, circuit- and district-level supervisors, and regional staff.

Ministry of Health; Ghana Health Services

The Ghana Health Services was established in 1996 to carry out national policies under the control of the Minister of Health. CRS Ghana collaborates with Ghana Health Services on two child survival projects which reach 232 communities in the three northern regions. Our school health project also links with Health Services for de-worming exercises.

The Department of Social Welfare

The Department of Social Welfare manages rehabilitation centers for disabled people, orphanages, and homes for the elderly throughout the country. Through the Safety Net Initiative program, CRS supports 12 rehabilitation centers, 3 orphanages and 1 home for the elderly. These institutions receive food support from CRS, and the Department of Social Welfare provides vocational and skills training, including making crafts such as batik and tie-dye, as well as leatherworking, carpentry, weaving and dressmaking. The orphanages aren't just for orphans. They also serve as foster homes for abandoned children, children who have lost their mothers during delivery, and children of mentally disabled women.

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