Slavery and Human Trafficking

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3 Things You Can Do To End Human Trafficking and Modern Slavery

1. Your voice is a gift. Use it to urge Congress to act.

2. Support CRS anti-trafficking work around the world. Much of our work helps people stay in their homes. Traffickers prey on migrants seeking employment or escape from conflict. When we can help people find meaningful, dignified work where they live, they are far less likely to risk believing promises of better lives elsewhere.

3. Join us in prayer for our sisters and brothers held captive in deplorable working conditions.

Brazil Battles Slave Labor


Child Victims of Human Trafficking

It's a problem that's hidden in plain sight. On street corners in Albania, children are begging for money. But the money goes to adults. The children are victims of human trafficking.

From Indian Red-Light District to Green Thumb
Girls and young women find refuge from Mumbai's brothels and embrace a new life with the support of CRS and partner Prerana.

Trapped in Slavery
Each year, some 10,000 Brazilians, lured by promises of lucrative jobs, fall prey to a system that chains them to debt, isolation and abuse.

Helping Survivors of India's Sex-Slave Trade
Prajwala and Catholic Relief Services team up in India to nurture and support young women who have endured the horror of sex trafficking.


CRS Policy Briefing


This CRS policy briefing shows how the Brazilian “government has made investments in people, policies, programs and processes over a period of more than 20 years that have made it a leader in the global campaign to end modern slavery.”

Prior to release of the report, CRS Coffeelands program published this related 8-part series on modern slavery and forced labor in Brazil’s coffee supply chain.

The Catholic Response

Learn more about how the Catholic Church and other Catholic organizations are fighting to end slavery and human trafficking.

Expert Resources

Use these expert resources to learn more about how other organizations are fighting to end slavery and human trafficking.

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