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Stories From Ethiopia

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Climate Change in Ethiopia: Counting Rains

CRS and partners are showing communities how to adapt to dramatic climate change ravaging their once-dependable pasture and farmland. »»

Climate Change: Reducing Risks in Ethiopia

Communities learn to prepare for climate change. »»

Ethiopia: From Parched Land to Plentiful Harvest

In Ethiopia millions depend on rain to grow crops to feed their families. »»

Microfinance Savings Strategy Grows Small Business

With a $50 loan from her savings group, a restaurateur grew her business and her dreams for her children. »»

Harvesting the Best in Others

Helping others grow their lives starts with a small seed—and you. »»

Texting to Head Off Hunger

Using cell phones, CRS early warning system enables faster planning for food emergencies. »»

New Stoves, New Lives in Ethiopia

Handmade stoves save women time and help communities earn money for agriculture. »»

Simple Porridge Transforms Lives in Ethiopia

With CRS' help, Ganet Gelgehu's prayers for her malnourished boys were answered in a bowl of porridge. »»

Mother's Day: A New Perspective

An American aid worker sees mothers in a new light after becoming a mom herself. »»

Quenching A Thirst for Better Lives

Your support of CRS water projects improves every aspect of life for people all over the world. »»

Spirit and Water Sustain Ethiopians in Drought

The Vicariate Apostolic of Meki teams with CRS to drill wells, draw life-sustaining water and teach Ethiopians to thrive independently in dry spells. »»

You're Already There

CRS supporters often send help years before a crisis, preparing people to survive or completely avoid hardships. East Africa is a perfect example. »»

Drought Grips East Africa

Learn how your emergency and long-term support is helping people survive the worst drought in decades. »»

Horn of Africa Prayer and General Intercessions

More than 11 million people face hunger and even famine brought on by drought in East Africa. Please keep them and the Church there in your prayers. »»

Ethiopia: Existing CRS Well Aids in Drought Survival

A CRS water project is helping 50,000 residents survive the choking drought plaguing East Africa. »»

Ethiopia Safety Net Leads to Economic Freedom

CRS and our partner Hararghe Catholic Secretariat help fill the gaps in household food supplies so Ethiopian families may flourish on their own. »»

Ethiopian Drought Can't Touch Irrigated Oasis

CRS and the Hararghe Catholic Secretariat shield 80 farmers from withering drought by building a water retention system. »»

Walking Day and Night for Food in East Africa

Meet some of the thousands of refugees who make the harrowing journey from famine-stricken Somalia into Kenya and Ethiopia each day. »»

Honey Soothes Sting of East African Drought

Better beehives increase production and helps Ethiopian farmers diversify food and revenue sources and survive lost harvests. »»

You're the Hero in a Real-Life Drama

We are all moved by images of human catastrophe. But, afterward, even more astounding scenes play out every day. »»

Prayer and General Intercessions for East Africa

More than 11 million people face hunger and even famine brought on by drought in East Africa. Please keep them and the Church there in your prayers. »»

East Africa Drought Solution Runs Deep

For years, CRS well-drilling operations have helped Ethiopians tap abundant underground water supplies. »»

Kenya Refugee Camp Expands Daily

As drought grips East Africa, CRS is helping thousands of refugees who are fleeing Somalia. »»

East Africa Drought Fact Sheet

CRS and partners are ramping up a response that will help 1 million people avoid malnutrition and even starvation. »»

Drought Endangers Millions in East Africa

Lack of rainfall, rising prices brings hunger and malnutrition to the region. »»

Drought Grips East Africa

Ten million are in need of humanitarian assistance as lack of rain and rising prices lead to food shortages. »»

World Water Day Is March 22

World Water Day reminds us how rare clean water sources are in much of the world, and how many parts of life are improved when water is made available. »»

Help the Poor Through Prayer and Almsgiving

CRS Rice Bowl helps Catholics learn about global hunger and assist those in need. »»

2009: A Year in Photos

2009 may well be remembered by CRS supporters and beneficiaries as a year of blessings in the face of a global financial crisis. »»

Faces of HIV Care

Throughout the world, CRS supports millions of people with HIV as they live fulfilling and productive lives. »»

They Call Themselves 'Catholics'

Asked who built her well, the Ethiopian woman replied, "They call themselves Catholics. I'm not sure exactly what that means, but... ." »»

Ayo's Secret Garden

In rural Ethiopia, sanitation and hunger pose challenges for families. Learn how an innovative pit latrine is changing life for thousands of farmers. »»

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