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CRS` Emergency Response Program Vision

Catholic Relief Services' emergency programs are founded on fulfilling the rights of disaster affected populations to live with dignity. Every year millions of people around the world are affected by a wide variety of calamities, from natural disasters to chronic conflict. Disaster affected populations have a right to humanitarian assistance as enshrined in international law.

CRS seeks to meet the needs of disaster affected populations through the implementation of high quality emergency preparedness and response programs to mitigate the impact of disasters, meet immediate needs and support post-emergency reconstruction and livelihood recovery.

CRS' Emergency Preparedness and Response vision is: to promote social justice, solidarity and compassion through timely emergency preparedness and response that addresses the needs of the most vulnerable. CRS fulfills its mission to foster hope for populations in distress by engaging the entire agency to:

  • Work together as stakeholders
  • Share leadership guided by clear systems and procedures
  • Build new and strengthen existing networks of partnerships and relationships
  • Promote ownership of emergency responses by strengthening local capacities
  • Achieve quality standards in programming
  • Access human, material and financial resources appropriate to each emergency

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