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Stories About Emergency Response

Basic Tools and Teaching Help Fight Haiti Cholera

Early results of an urgent campaign to contain a tenacious disease has health workers in Haiti reporting some rare good news. »»

From Rubble to Reconstruction

CRS offers communities in Haiti an opportunity to use small machinery to turn rubble into sand and gravel that can be sold or used in reconstruction. »»

Sudan: Does One Life Matter?

A successful response to Sudan's overwhelming needs lies in how we answer this question: What if I can help just one person? »»

Timeline of Progress in Haiti

Read stories and see pictures of the difference your generosity is making for the Haitian people after an earthquake destroyed most of Port-au-Prince. »»

Indonesia Volcano Forces Evacuations

The latest eruption from Indonesia's Mount Merapi volcano killed 70 people and forced thousands to flee from their homes. »»

Hurricane Tomas Strikes Haiti

Hurricane Tomas has made landfall and CRS is prepared to respond throughout Haiti. Photo courtesy of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration »»

CRS Responds to Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

CRS mobilized a massive response to help contain a deadly cholera outbreak before it spreads to Port-au-Prince and the vulnerable tent camps. »»

Philippine Towns Weather Typhoon Juan

Wind damage, rather than flooding, is primary concern after Typhoon Juan hit the Philippines. »»

Pakistan Floods Reshape Landscapes and Lives

As water rushed from the mountains to the sea, people lost homes and crops in nearly every region of Pakistan. »»

Haiti Shelter Building Boom

A master carpenter from the U.S. joins CRS in Haiti to help build thousands of shelters for earthquake survivors. »»

Sudan Suffering: 'Not the Will of God'

Southern Sudan presents a violent past, a people yearning for freedom, a plausible hope for lasting peace. »»

Shelter for Pakistan Flood Survivors

CRS is rushing aid to thousands of Pakistanis who barely survived some of the worst flooding in the nation's history. »»

Give Sudan Peace

If you could help keep southern Sudan from becoming the center of the next unthinkable humanitarian catastrophe, what would you do? »»

Your Church in Southern Sudan

It touches every aspect of Catholic spiritual and material life, but would you recognize your Church in southern Sudan? »»

Changing the Future: Before Sudan Cries Again

CRS and the Church are convinced that today, southern Sudan presents a rare opportunity to relieve staggering human suffering before it happens. »»

Pakistan Floods Ravage North and South

Flood survivors need safe water, roads and shelter as 2 very different types of flooding hit Pakistan's northern and southern regions. »»

Haiti Homes Under Construction

Prefabricated houses provide local jobs, better protection against the elements, and fast, quality construction. »»

Flooding, Landslides Hit 16 Million Pakistanis

Those who survived lost crops, homes, roads, even land to torrential rains and mudslides that isolate communities and challenge CRS' relief response. »»

Flooding, Mudslides Hit Pakistan

In northern Pakistan, CRS is responding to deadly flooding that has wiped out homes, schools, medical centers and bridges. »»

Floods Tear Through Northern Pakistan

Photos of flood-ravaged northern Pakistan give a brief glimpse of the loss more than a million Pakistanis suffered following July monsoons. »»

Reaching Out to Northern Sudan

CRS helps a half million people in Darfur and Khartoum to improve their lives in spite of difficult circumstances. »»

Niger: Hunger Pains A Nation

Across Niger, people are desperately hungry, and livestock are dying. CRS is delivering food and putting people to work. »»

Hunger in Niger: Food for A Famished Nation

Across Niger people are hungry and livestock are dying. CRS is delivering food and putting people to work so they can feed their families. »»

Haiti Earthquake: 6 Months Later

Haitians and helpers brace for a long recovery as rebuilding Port-au-Prince is complicated by loss of life, property and official records. »»

Hospitality for Kyrgyzstan's Homeless

Survivors of Kyrgyzstan violence offer hospitality in what's left of their burned-out, bullet-riddled homes. »»

Helping Haiti, Looking Ahead

Almost six months after the quake, Haiti relief workers see a long, complex, but clear path to full recovery. »»

Building Quakeproof Homes in Indonesia

When Sumatran villagers were left homeless after an earthquake, a CRS program helped them build 11,000 houses in just a few months. »»

Haiti Quake Inspires Leap of Faith

Sister Jane Meyer jumped from a plane to honor a promise to her students and a commitment to people in need. »»

Shelter for Indonesia's Earthquake Survivors

After a powerful quake destroyed homes in West Sumatra, CRS helped 11,000 families rebuild. »»

Buried Alive By Haiti Quake

Magalie Rigaud, a CRS employee in Haiti, spent 8 hours buried in a collapsed supermarket with her sons, two frightened strangers and her faith. »»

Parish Twinning Links Haitian, U.S. Catholics

Catholics in Haiti and the United States strengthen existing bonds and form new ones in the wake of the January earthquake. »»

Catholics in U.S. Show Solidarity With Haiti

Catholics in the United States rallied to support the people of Haiti after the massive earthquake ravaged the nation in January. »»

Putting Shelter Materials to Use in Haiti

Kits offer sturdy, easy-to-build shelters that are critical to long-term survival following the earthquake that shattered much of Port-au-Prince. »»

Bangladesh Cyclone Survivors Rebuild

Super Cyclone Sidr hit coastal villages, costing Bangladeshis everything but their lives. With aid from CRS, they are starting over. »»

Haiti Camps Prepare for Rains

Cash-for-work crews dig drainage canals to divert water under the looming threat of flooding and mudslides in quake-shattered Port-au-Prince. »»

The Power of Pennies

After the Haiti earthquake in January, students at Catholic schools in the United States raised funds for the survivors and the relief effort. »»

Simple Tools, Big Benefit

Learn how six everyday items are changing life for the better in earthquake-devastated Haiti. »»

Three-Month Haiti Quake Anniversary Nears

Long-term recovery plans begin to take shape even as emergency relief response continues. »»

'Before We Had Water We Were Suffering'

In Haiti's makeshift camps, CRS water provisions quench thirst and help prevent disease. »»

Water Is Essential to Haiti Recovery

Water and sanitation projects save lives after the 7.0-magnitude earthquake destroyed most of the water infrastructure in Haiti's capital. »»

Taking the Long View for Haiti

With donations topping $90 million and donors still giving, CRS looks ahead to new phases in the Haiti response. »»

Prayers and Support Urged for Chile

CRS will assist Caritas with relief efforts following the massive earthquake that struck the country Saturday. »»

Helping Hands for Haiti

Your continued generosity is enabling CRS to make a real difference in Haiti. Learn more about our work in the aftermath of January's earthquake. »»

Haiti Rebuild Presents A 'Herculean Task'

Cleaning up and using improved building material and procedures is the easy part. Knowing whom to ask for permission to build is another story. »»

Haiti Month One: Food for Half A Million

Food distributions continue as CRS looks ahead to improved shelters for Haitians awaiting the rainy season. »»

Letter From Haiti: Thank You All

A CRS staffer writes to donors to update them on what their gifts mean to the people of Haiti. »»

Prayer, Education and Youth Ministry Resources on Haiti

CRS has prepared resources that can be used as we join in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Haiti. »»

CRS Responds to the Haiti Earthquake

The Catholic Church through CRS continues to deliver food, shelter and medical care to Port-au-Prince earthquake survivors. »»

Haiti Survivor Describes 'Apocalypse'

CRS Haiti's Karel Zelenka, who himself survived the earthquake, says the aid response has been amazing but there's still much to be done. »»

Haiti: 'I've Never Seen Anything Like This'

Returning from Haiti, CRS President Ken Hackett describes scenes of terrible hardship and amazing relief efforts. »»

Funeral for Haiti Archbishop

More than 1,000 mourners gathered to honor the memories of two clergymen killed in the January 12 Port-au-Prince earthquake. »»

Haitian Clergy Mourned at Funeral Mass

Amid ongoing Haiti relief efforts, CRS officials join mourners at the funeral of Port-au-Prince's archbishop and vicar general. »»

Food for 50,000 at Haiti Camp

Along with a massive food distribution, CRS is working with Haitian parishes to set up aid distribution points throughout the capital city. »»

Haiti Golf Course Transformed Into Relief Camp

CRS distributes supplies to thousands of Haitians »»

All-Out Effort for Haiti

Pictures tell a tale of massive destruction and relentless efforts to deliver relief. »»

Haiti Quake Survivor Back at Work

'The challenge is that we can feed people today, but the needs will continue.' »»

Niger Flood Washes Up Troubles and Memories

Crashing rains washed away everything but a family's future and an old man's stories of a better life. »»

Volunteers Orchestrate Help for Haiti Quake Survivors

Haitian University students work with local youth, former street children and CRS staff to prepare needed food and hygiene kits for quake survivors. »»

Helping Pakistan's Most Vulnerable

See CRS staff as they climb mountains and reach remote areas to help the needy. »»

2009: A Year in Photos

2009 may well be remembered by CRS supporters and beneficiaries as a year of blessings in the face of a global financial crisis. »»

Aceh, Indonesia, Five Years Later

The Indian Ocean tsunami hit Aceh, Indonesia, first and hardest. Rebuilding shelters and lives, through the eyes of the people on the ground. »»

Rebuilding Hope—And Homes—After the Tsunami

Five years after the Indian Ocean tsunami, remembering the generosity of Catholics in the United States. Watch what your compassion accomplished. »»

Indonesia Tsunami Memories: 'One Human Family'

As five years of tsunami recovery draw to a close, CRS Indonesia staff share their memories. »»

'If I Help, They Might Get Through This'

When Allie Zito heard about the Indian Ocean tsunami, she knew she had to help. Watch this video to find out what inspired her to make a difference. »»

Partnership Between U.S. and India Born of Compassion

Two dioceses a world away come together in friendship and solidarity in the wake of the tsunami. »»

Flood Turns Senegal Town Into Fetid Swamp

A CRS health worker stepped in to guide cleanup crews in removing garbage and septic waste to make streets safe again. »»

They Lived Through It: Tsunami Survivor Stories

From India, Indonesia and Sri Lanka, firsthand stories from people who survived the tsunami and found hope on the other side. »»

Health for Women, Children, Community

A state-of-the-art mothers and children's hospital is providing a wide range of medical services to the people of Banda Aceh, Indonesia. »»

What We Learned

Staff who worked on the ground in the first days after the Indian Ocean tsunami share the lessons they—and CRS—learned. »»

Building Stronger Homes After Indonesia Quake

CRS helps build quake-resistant homes in Indonesia, but the first step is temporary shelters for those who must wait to rebuild. »»

Help for India's Flood Survivors

In India, thousands of people who were already living in dire poverty lost their homes to severe flooding. CRS is helping them start over. »»

From Tsunami to Earthquake: Indonesia Response

On the verge of wrapping up a five-year tsunami response, CRS calls staff back into action to help Indonesians affected by a 7.6-magnitude earthquake. »»

India Floods: 'No Jobs, No Crops, No Food'

Tens of thousands of impoverished villagers in Andhra Pradesh, India, escaped the flood with their lives and nothing else. »»

Child Soldiers Fight to Regain Their Youth

CRS partner Caritas offers a second chance at childhood for Congolese boys once forced to toil and fight for armed groups. »»

Faith Helps Filipinos Face Typhoon Tragedies

Thousands of people in the Philippines are undertaking a massive cleanup of their homes and neighborhoods after losing so much to two typhoons. »»

Kenyans Team Up to Fend Off Drought

Kenyans suffering from years of poor rains receive food vouchers from CRS in exchange for conservation work to reduce drought impact. »»

Countering Domestic Violence in Refugee Camps

Chantal's husband regularly beat her until a program in a Chadian camp for refugees began counseling him and authorities started arresting abusers. »»

Storms, Quakes Rock Asia-Pacific Regions

Typhoons, earthquakes and monsoon rains killed hundreds and left millions homeless in Southeast Asia, India and islands in the Pacific Rim. »»

Photo Tour: Aid Reaches Flooded Philippines

Massive flooding has killed over 250 people and displaced hundreds of thousands more. CRS and our partners are providing food and emergency supplies. »»

Seeking Survivors After Asian-Pacific Catastrophes

With millions left homeless, CRS and our partners seek more survivors and increase commitments to deliver help. »»

Wave of Destruction Hits Asia-Pacific Region

Catholic Relief Services has committed $1 million to a multi-pronged emergency response after a string of disasters in the Asia-Pacific region. »»

Malnutrition Looms Over Guatemala's 'Dry Corridor'

Catholic Relief Services plans immediate and long-term relief to areas of Guatemala suffering from prolonged drought. »»

An 'Earthquake Song' for Indonesian Children

In disaster-prone Java, children learn a song about protecting themselves during earthquakes. »»

Kenyan Herders Suffer From Drought

A CRS staff member shares how the long drought in Kenya is making it difficult for her family and other Turkana villagers to survive. »»

After Burkina Flood, Hardier Rice From India

Before floods ruined his fields, Gérard thought he would have a bumper crop of rice. CRS has waded in to help him and hundreds of other farmers. »»

Witness to History, Compassion, Healing

After 26 years with CRS, Walter Blake shares memories and lessons learned in the field. »»

Their Life Washed Away by Burkina's Floods

When Adama woke up to 6 inches of floodwaters in her house, she had no idea that it would change the trajectory of her life. »»

Hispanic Heritage Month: Raising Awareness

The Catholic Church and CRS have witnessed important advances in Latin America and continue to serve the needs of its poorest communities. »»

Kenya Drought Now Affects Almost 4 Million

With CRS support, Church partners are helping drought-affected Kenyans buy needed food and better manage water and soil resources. »»

Massive Rainfall Floods Burkina Faso Capital

Church partner feeds victims, distributes blankets after flooding forces more than 100,000 people from their homes in Ouagadougou. »»

All in A Day's Work

CRS' Jasmine Bates embraces the very pitfalls and dangers that would turn many people away from helping the needy in Democratic Republic of the Congo. »»

Indonesian Quake Victims Receive Immediate Help

A CRS team has already begun distributing clothing, blankets and other supplies even as it determines the full extent of the damage. »»

Tabasco Farmers Rebound After Historic Floods

In 2007, Tabasco, Mexico, lost most of its crops to severe floods. Today farmers are back in their fields and better prepared for future disasters. »»

How to 'MacGyver' Your Way Through An Emergency

Could you survive a cyclone in India or flooding in El Salvador? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on how to survive a major emergency? »»

Disarming Disasters Before They Strike

Amy Hilleboe, an expert on disaster risk reduction, explains why it's important for an entire community to be prepared for potential emergencies. »»

Cell Phones Help Bihar Fend Off Disaster

Bihar, India, frequently floods during monsoon season. A partnership between MIT and CRS uses texting to help. »»

Sheltering Pakistan's Displaced Families

CRS has built thousands of thatched-roof shelters for Pakistanis forced to flee war. As some return home, CRS is committed to helping them start over. »»

'Thanks for Giving Us Food'

In a Darfur refugee camp, a well deserved rest is interrupted by a teenage boy whose courage helps a CRS staffer see his work in a new light. »»

In Chad, Women Face Danger Collecting Firewood

In Chad, the simple task of gathering fuel is complicated by scarcity and the risk of sexual assault. »»

CRS Provides Shelter to Thousands in Pakistan

Violence in Pakistan has made 3 million people homeless. Host communities struggle to shelter them, but resources are running out. »»

A New Chapter for Refugee Students in Egypt

Sudanese and Iraqi families that fled war face a new challenge in Egypt: paying for education. Tuition vouchers keep their children in school. »»

Haiti Braces for Another Hurricane Season

Haiti continues cleanup from last hurricane season while bracing for the next big hit. »»

Millions Suffering in Wake of Bangladesh Cyclone

Three million staggered by a storm that washed away homes, contaminated drinking water, and wiped out rice crops. »»

After Trauma, Iraqi Refugees Look for Healing

Iraqi refugees who have suffered kidnappings, beatings and worse discover ways to share stories, find support—and start to rebuild their lives. »»

Quake Survivors Replant Lives on Broken Land

Three years after a devastating earthquake, women in Kashmir and Pakistan learn gardening tips and reap more than vegetables. »»

Sri Lanka War Survivors Stranded in Camps

A quarter of a million Sri Lankans are in dire need of food, water and medical attention after long civil war. »»

Desperate Pakistanis Flee Fighting in Swat Valley

Pakistan refugees from the Swat Valley flood into camps to escape fighting between government forces and the Taliban. »»

Italy Quake Relief Enters Second Phase

Workers are assessing needs in 46 parishes and collaborating with communities, parishes and local authorities to assist in reconstruction support. »»

Traditional Skills, New Freedoms

In Pakistan, Afghan refugee women gain financial and social freedom through a CRS skills training and basic education program. »»

Refugee Mom Seeks Reunion With Son

Shelter offers rare security for an Iraqi refugee who fled to Lebanon and lost a son to kidnappers. »»

U.S. Catholics Reach Out to Italy's Quake Victims

Prayers and funds support Caritas workers responding to a Monday earthquake that has so far left 200 dead and thousands injured and homeless. »»

Building Eco-Friendly Classrooms in Darfur

Non-wood-burning brick-making technology allows Sudanese to build schools without destroying badly needed trees. »»

Iraqi Refugees Flee Stress, Fear

Leaving home brought new perils until refugees found haven with CRS and Caritas in Lebanon. »»

More Aid Set for Weary Gazans

After initial distributions of emergency aid for more than 5,000 Gazans, CRS is ready to call on youth groups to help with cleanup and repairs. »»

Haiti's Long Path to Recovery

Staggered by catastrophe and chronic food shortage and now overshadowed by global financial crisis, Haitians struggle to rebuild their country. »»

Perseverance Means New Home for Bosnian Family

Displaced by Bosnia's war, a woman and her children start over with help from CRS. »»

Team Battles Zimbabwe Cholera Epidemic With Training

Simple prevention measures help Zimbabwe fend off disease that takes advantage of the country's advanced development. »»

Troubleshooter Brings Big Heart, Cool Head

Old-school humanitarian Jacques Montouroy brings toughness and compassion to the world's most troubled regions. »»

CRS Poised to Deliver Humanitarian Aid to Gaza

CRS awaits opening of blockades to deliver aid to 1,500 families. »»

Iraqi Refugees Struggle to Find Work

Many Iraqi refugees in the Middle East are sinking into dire poverty because they're not allowed to work. »»

Aid Delivered to Families in Congo

More than 5,000 families who fled fighting in eastern Congo received household supply kits that help them deal with their dire circumstances. »»

Gonaives: A Long Road to Recovery

After this Haitian town was wrecked by storms, steadfast residents are focused on recovery. »»

Rebuilding Life After Niger Flood

Emergency response and an indomitable spirit help a Nigerien woman rebuild family life after losing everything to a flood. »»

Recovery Slowly Dawns on Northern Uganda

As security improves, residents of northern Uganda are beginning to leave camps and rebuild their lives. »»

New Houses, Communities and Lives in Indonesia

Four years after the Indian Ocean tsunami, one man who was on the ground supervising the long road to recovery in Indonesia shares his memories. »»

Tsunami: Four Years Later

It is hard to believe that four years have passed since the Indian Ocean tsunami washed away hundreds of thousands of lives. »»

In Bosnia, Home Is Where the Heart Is

Years after their homes were destroyed, survivors of Bosnia's war are getting a fresh start. »»

Congo Bishops Plead for Their Homeland

CRS is stepping up efforts to provide emergency relief as Congo bishops lobby Western governments for help in bringing the conflict to an end. »»

Cholera Outbreak in Zimbabwe Worsens

Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans are getting care and food as CRS continues its lifesaving work amid difficult circumstances. »»

Tsunami Survivors Rebuild Village Life

In rural Indonesia, tsunami destruction gives way to the normal cycle of life. »»

Critical Aid Delivered in Zimbabwe

Hundreds of thousands of Zimbabweans receive food as CRS continues its lifesaving work amid economic upheaval. »»

Terror Lingers as Tsunami Survivors Rebuild

The Indian Ocean tsunami may have struck four years ago, but thoughts of that day bring the horror back quickly to survivors. »»

Congo Crisis: Aid Prepared as Tensions Continue

The tense security situation makes delivering assistance difficult, but CRS has beefed up its presence with additional staff. »»

Rebuilding Hope After the Tsunami

CRS marks the fourth anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami. See what your compassion has made possible. »»

Kenyans Rebuild Lives After Election Violence

Community forums and innovative vouchers are helping Kenyans to rebuild social ties and peacefully return to farming. »»

A Look Back: Four Years After the Tsunami

Tsunami anniversary recalls devastation, recognizes resiliency of Indonesia's survivors. »»

Massive Project Rebuilds Bangladesh Homes

After Cyclone Sidr, CRS and Caritas offer Bangladeshi villages an opportunity for renewal. »»

Pakistan Earthquake Puts Women, Kids at Risk

A 6.4-magnitude earthquake in Pakistan leaves thousands homeless as winter cold threatens lives and health. »»

Haiti Update, A Month After Flood Destruction

In the wake of a brutal hurricane season, a Q&A on current conditions in Haiti and the increasing problems faced by the impoverished nation. »»

Mitch Left Legacy of Generosity and Justice

Ten years ago, Hurricane Mitch ripped through Central America. Today, CRS reflects on how the storm inspired a new method for our disaster response. »»

'Mitch Woke Us Up'

The scope of the hurricane's damage inspired a strategy that went beyond recovery to 'build back better.' »»

Hurricane Mitch Rescuer Reflects on Successes

Santos Palma wasn't working with Catholic Relief Services when Hurricane Mitch hit in October 1998. But he jumped right in and began rescuing people. »»

Mitch Remembered: Hurricane Inspired Change

"We wanted to go beyond relief and development to look at the structures that existed before Mitch." »»

CRS Staffer Recalls Losing House to Hurricane Mitch

Benicio Lopez was 24 and working for CRS when Mitch struck in his hometown of Colonia Humuya, Honduras. »»

A Wall of Mud: Haitian City Digs Out From Hurricane Ike

Ike has left a scar on Haiti that will be long in healing. »»

Defying Drought in Ethiopia

As failed rains leave millions without food, long-term agricultural programs and emergency food distributions are helping Ethiopians to survive. »»

Shelter Brings Comfort to Cyclone Widow

Shelters offer hope after Cyclone Sidr took lives, homes and incomes in Bangladesh. »»

Health Volunteers Spread the Word After Floods

Hygiene program helps Bangladesh community promote health after the chaos of annual floods. »»

Lebanon's Littlest Refugees

When families are fleeing for their lives, their babies and toddlers need special care. »»

Human Rights Violence Escalates in Eastern India

Catholic Relief Services is responding to violent human rights violations in the eastern Indian state of Orissa. »»

Aid Reaches Haiti Flood Survivors

After four powerful storms devastated Haiti, CRS continues to provide thousands with food and survival essentials. »»

Escaping Gonaives: A Survivor's Story

Thousands of Haitians were trapped by raging floodwaters caused by Gustav and Hanna. Pierre escaped, but worries about those left behind. »»

Dangerous Roads No Obstacle for CRS Driver

Where CRS builds schools in remote mountain villages in northern Pakistan, CRS driver Fayyaz goes with no fear. »»

Fuel Costs Drive Global Food Crisis

The rise in food prices is not going away anytime soon. Shaun Ferris, a CRS senior technical advisor on agriculture and the environment, explains why. »»

In Burkina Faso, Food Prices Eat Away at Life

As the food price crisis ripples across the globe, a day laborer shows just how hard it is for a West African family to make ends meet. »»

Irrigation Eases Ethiopia's Crop Crisis

Emergency food distributions coupled with long-term agricultural projects are helping Ethiopians withstand a critical food shortage. »»

Ike Further Cripples Haiti

Photos taken hours before Hurricane Ike struck Gonaives, Haiti, provide a glimpse into the island's condition. »»

Storms Turn Haiti's Roads Into Rivers

'You have people sitting on roofs just waiting for the water to go down.' »»

Trapped in Gonaives, Bishop Makes Appeal

As Gonaives, Haiti remains underwater, families are without water, food or electricity. A local bishop pleads for help. »»

Residents, Aid Workers Rush From Monsoon Floodwaters

An estimated 2.6 million families have been forced from their homes in Bihar, India, as they flee rising floodwaters. »»

Hurricane Gustav, Hanna Pound Weary Haiti

Already suffering families and farmers have been hit hard by a series of severe storms. CRS is on the ground responding with food and supplies. »»

Aid Continues to Displaced Georgians

CRS and Caritas continue providing food and supplies to thousands of desperate families in shelters. »»

Humanitarian Cost Rises in Georgia

Recent violence in South Ossetia, Georgia, has forced thousands of innocent people from their homes. »»

Tropical Storm Kummari Displaces Thousands in Vietnam

Loss of life, homes and livelihoods continue as rainfall and flooding persist. CRS is coordinating a joint response. »»

Hunger Deepens in Benin

A widow with newborn twins eats once a day. The babies aren't nursing. She has no money or home. Her only hope: the Missionaries of Charity. »»

CRS Commits $1 Million to Food Crisis Response

An initial $1 million commitment will help the poorest buy food and spur agricultural productivity. »»

Bolivian Farmers to Replant After Floods

After flooding caused destruction to central Bolivia's crops, CRS and Caritas provide aid and long-term recovery to farmers. »»

Recovering From the Unexpected

While the trauma of sudden destruction lingers, CRS continues to aid hundreds of Peruvians left homeless by last year's earthquake. »»

When Disaster Strikes, CRS Is Ready

In the Middle East, CRS staff simulate emergencies to make sure they're ready for natural and man-made disasters. »»

When Rebuilding is Therapy

One year after the Peru earthquake, men and women are finding strength and consolation in rebuilding their own homes. »»

The Global Food Crisis

Prices of many basic foods have skyrocketed in the last two years, leading to a major food crisis affecting millions of people throughout the world. »»

Prepared for Hurricane Season

Latin America and the Caribbean are regularly hit by natural disasters and extremes of weather. Preparation can ease the amount of loss. »»

Lasting Recovery in Bangladesh

After Cyclone Sidr hit Bangladesh, Catholic Relief Services sent aid for reconstruction and disaster preparedness. »»

Food Crisis Squeezes Afghan Families

What would you do to make sure your child was getting enough to eat? For the people of Afghanistan, options are diminishing. »»

'Dad, I Don't Want to Die': Counseling for Youth

As Gazan kids try to cope with the violence around them, psychologists talk about a CRS-funded counseling program for children. »»

Back to School for Iraqi Refugee Children

'Thank God, We're in School' Iraqi refugee children are at risk of missing out on education. CRS makes sure they don't slip through the cracks. »»

Help for the Hungry

Working with local Church partners, CRS is providing emergency assistance to children and families suffering from drought in Ethiopia. »»

Typhoon Frank Devastates the Philippines

Families are in need of food and basic supplies after losing their homes and livelihoods to Typhoon Frank. CRS is providing relief for 50,000 families. »»

Iraqi Refugees: the Hidden Crisis

Millions of Iraqis have been forced from their home country and now find themselves unable to work, go to school or get health care. »»

Helping Haiti

Singing Creole gospels above a lively guitar, a parish in South Florida collects funds for Haitians suffering through the global food crisis. »»

Cyclone Aid Getting Through to Survivors

Across the Ayeyarwady Delta region of Myanmar aid is getting through to people in some of the areas most affected by Cyclone Nargis. »»

50 Years of Service in Ethiopia

Catholic Relief Services celebrates 50 years of providing relief and development assistance in Ethiopia. »»

Earthquake Relief Efforts in China

CRS is supporting Caritas Hong Kong's response in the wake of the May 12 earthquake which devastated Sichuan, China. »»

Relief Efforts to Reach 40,000 People in Myanmar

CRS is supporting partners on the ground after one of the worst cyclones to hit the region in decades struck the Yangon region on May 2. »»

Photo Gallery: Iraqi Refugees in Limbo

They escaped violence in Iraq. Now refugees in Lebanon and Syria are struggling to survive. »»

Emergency Aid Continues AS Kenya Calms

Working with church partners and other agencies, CRS is assisting thousands displaced by Kenya's post-election crisis. »»

Southern Africa Faces Severe Floods, Cyclones

Hundreds of thousands are displaced by destructive floods. CRS staff in affected countries are assessing needs and overall damage. »»

Floods Wreak Havoc in Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador

CRS relief staff are assessing needs and distributing supplies to families who lost homes, crops and livestock. »»

Emergency Food Delivery in Darfur

When new violence disrupts food distributions, CRS-organized food relief committees help issue emergency rations to Darfuri families. »»

Photo Tour: Providing Care in the Face of Peril

In Democratic Republic of the Congo, women facing the deep physical and emotional scars of rape seek healing from a rural doctor. »»

Treating the Atrocity of Rape, Part 3

Lane Hartill recently visited eastern Congo, where he documented CRS' response to the sexual violence that is an atrocity of the ongoing war. »»

CRS Poised to Assist Chad Refugees

CRS is assessing needs and coordinating with our partners in Cameroon to provide aid to refugees fleeing violence in Chad. »»

Photo Tour: Seeking Safety in Kenya

Thousands of families displaced by the post-election violence in Kenya are receiving assistance from CRS and other agencies. »»

2007 Year in Photos

Our year-end roundup salutes the work of our dedicated staff and beneficiaries, whose resiliency rises above the most challenging circumstances. »»

For Congolese Women, A Lifesaver

In a remote Congolese village, Dr. Freddy Mubuto is the last hope for women enduring perilous childbirth — and unspeakable horrors of war. »»

Relief Teams Aid Afghans in Brutal Winter

One of the harshest winters in decades has left villages in Herat and Ghor without sufficient food, heating fuel or access to medical care. »»

Finding Refuge and Hope in Kenya

CRS brings relief to thousands of Kenyans displaced by violence resulting from a disputed presidential election. »»

Aid Continues in Kenya

Post-election violence forced hundreds of thousands of Kenyans from their homes. CRS and Caritas continue to distribute supplies to thousands in need. »»

Java Mudslide Survivors Receive Needed Aid

As floodwaters recede in Java, CRS and the local church continue to respond to the needs of survivors. »»

Helping the Most Vulnerable Recover

CRS has responded to post-tsunami needs in Sri Lanka with a $30-million recovery program — aimed at helping the most vulnerable population. »»

The Rice Fields of Pulo Aceh

Rice paddy fields in Pulo Aceh were left destroyed by the 2004 tsunami, but with the help of CRS, the fields are again producing rice. »»

Rebuilding Hope After the Tsunami

Thanks to the prayers and generosity of thousands of supporters, CRS has made much progress in the first three years of our tsunami response. »»

New Homes and New Lives

After the tsunami, CRS helped find places for survivors to resettle and provided them with beautiful new homes. »»

After the Tsunami, the Power of Vigilance

When community members tired of water rushing into their homes each monsoon season, they took matters into their own hands with the help of CRS. »»

Good Neighbors

Before the tsunami, Darline and Sofyan didn't know one another. Now, they are the best of neighbors. »»

India Student Parliament Leads School Change

A children's support program, formed in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami, is the catalyst for change in southern India schools. »»

A Story of Nothing Left

For Khalam and his fishing community on the Bay of Bengal, nothing is left after Cyclone Sidr. »»

The Meaning of 50 Years

Nearing the third anniversary of the South Asia tsunami, CRS reflects on 50 years of work in Indonesia and the resilience of the communities we serve. »»

Remnants of Disaster: A Photo Tour

CRS correspondent Caroline Brennan takes us on a tour of a cyclone-struck village. "It is truly a desperate situation here in need of vital support." »»

Recovery Begins After Deadly Cyclone

CRS and its partner Caritas Bangladesh are continuing to aid and assess long-term recovery for thousands of families. »»

Needs Mount After Deadly Cyclone

CRS and Caritas continue to reach thousands of cyclone-affected families with food and family kits. »»

Impressions From Tabasco in Peril

View a firsthand account of the devastation affecting thousands of families after massive flooding. »»

Life on the Rocks

In northern Ghana, one woman chose to buck tradition and build her home in an unusual place. When the floods came, she was glad she did. »»

Dreaming of Home After the Floods in Ghana

As floodwaters recede across Africa, a new problem surfaces: home reconstruction. CRS is wading in to help. »»

Beneath the Surface: Flooding in Bihar, India

In Bihar, India, a massive relief effort is taking place in villages forced afloat by August's monsoon floods. »»

A Little Mud Goes A Long Way in Darfur

CRS is helping to protect displaced people and the environment in Darfur. »»

Flooding Destroys Homes, Crops in Haiti

Nearly 14,000 people have been affected by deadly flooding in Haiti. CRS staff and partners are distributing, food, water, and household and hygiene items. »»

Vietnamese Communities Hit By Relentless Typhoons

CRS is aiding communities in Vietnam, where a series of typhoons has caused massive flooding and landslides, and destroyed homes and crops. »»

Floods Affect Thousands in West Africa

More than 550,000 West Africans have been affected by flooding — CRS responds with emergency relief. »»

Nicaragua After Felix: Recovery Just Begun

CRS Nicaragua's Conor Walsh describes the damage wrought by Hurricane Felix, which killed nearly 100 people and left thousands homeless. »»

Providing Shelter to Earthquake Survivors

CRS emergency response staff discuss the future, and the past, with Pa Ni'Manhar, a survivor of the September 12 8.4-magnitude Indonesian earthquake. »»

Responding to Flooding in Bihar, India

Bipul Borah was among the first people to respond to flooding in Bihar, India. »»

Shelter for Indonesia's Earthquake Victims

In the wake of three earthquakes in Indonesia, CRS and local partners are distributing shelter kits and assessing needs. »»

Recovery Plan Under Way After Hurricane Felix

CRS staff are distributing relief supplies and planning long-term assistance for lives shattered by Hurricane Felix. »»

Donate to Hurricane Felix Relief Efforts


Equipping Villages for Disaster

Each year, monsoon rains wreak havoc in South Asia. Through CRS training, locals learn how to lessen the season's impact. »»

Food, Shelter Top Needs for Quake Survivors

CRS continues to provide lifesaving aid and identify critical needs for thousands of Peruvians left homeless by the August 15 earthquake. »»

Jamaican Youth Reach Out to Hurricane Victims

As Hurricane Dean blew over Jamaica, members of a youth marching band helped residents secure their homes and are now assisting in relief efforts. »»

Hurricane Dean Destroys Homes, Roads, Crops

In the months ahead, CRS will help nearly 1,000 families in parishes throughout Kingston and Mandeville. »»

CRS Continues Aid During Relentless Monsoons

CRS and our partners are providing emergency relief to thousands of desperate, flood-stricken families in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Pakistan. »»

Clean Water, Shelter Critical After Flooding

Catholic Relief Services is on the ground, providing emergency supplies to thousands of families affected by Cyclone Yemyin. »»

Relief On Its Way in South Asia Monsoons Region

CRS and partners respond to relentless monsoon floods that have uprooted the lives of millions of people in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Nepal. »»

Aceh Park, A Symbol of Recovery, Renewal and Healing

The Taman Suri Park offers a sense of community to many families that were left devastated by the 2004 tsunami. »»

CRS AIDS Families Affected By Cyclones, Food Shortage

Madagascar has been hit by a series of deadly cyclonic storms leaving families to face famine-like conditions. Learn more on how CRS is helping. »»

Hope in the Face of Violence

More than 3 million people in Colombia have been forced from their homes as a result of ongoing violence. »»

Many Still Displaced in Solomon Islands

The high-powered tsunami that recently struck the Western Province of the Solomon Islands has left thousands of residents homeless and damaged structures. »»

Spring, Heavy Rains Lead to Floods in Afghanistan

In the wake of flooding, landslides and a magnitude 6.2-earhtquake in early April that drove thousands of Afghans from their, CRS responded. »»

Still Hungry in Niger

During the summer of 2005, drought and locust infestations resulted in severe food shortages for Niger. Learn what the situation is like 18 months later. »»

Helping Colombian Refugees in Ecuador

Fleeing Colombia's violence, many have sought refuge in Ecuador, where they live in a state of uncertainty and are often exploited. »»

Surviving Typhoon Durian

As Typhoon Durian devastated areas of the Philippines in late November, many families saw their villages turned to ruins and their homes destroyed. »»

Conflicts Across the Horn of Africa

An arc of crisis is stretching across the Horn of Africa, from Mogadishu, Somalia, to N'Djamena, Chad. »»

Behind the Keys: Interview With Paul Welden

Two years after the tsunami, Paul Welden was moved to tears at a ceremony in which 170 people received keys to their new, permanent homes. »»

Unfathomable Loss, Immeasurable Love

In Kerala, Stalin is among the many children who have yet to fully recover from the loss, confusion and trauma they faced after the tsunami. »»

Rebuilding Hope in Aceh

In a region prone to earthquakes, CRS homes, built of brick and cement, meet the international construction codes and are earthquake-resistant. »»

Where Innovation Meets the Most Basic Need

In hundreds of communities recovering from the tsunami, sanitary, working toilets can mean the difference between health and illness. »»

Moving Into Safe New Homes

On September 8, 2006, 450 people in Rima Jeuneu were able to move into their new homes. »»

Growing Pains: Back to School

Almost two years have passed since the tsunami damaged the Devapatiraja school, but things are slowly returning to normal. »»

Shelter Is Everything to Pakistani Family

At the one-year anniversary of the Kashmir earthquake, learn how CRS is helping to rebuild communities and buoying the spirit of hope. »»

Wide-Range Recovery Planned After India Floods

In the aftermath of the monsoon rains, thousands of families still are in dire need of shelter and assistance. »»

Preparing for Volcanic Eruption Saves Lives in Ecuador

When the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador erupted in August, the devastation was much less than many would have expected. »»

CRS Brings Relief to Thousands Displaced By India Flood

A CRS country representative for India describes the devastation as overwhelming. "Homes among the poorest and most marginalized groups are destroyed..." »»

CRS Expands Operations in Lebanon

CRS is expanding its operations in Lebanon with the August 31 opening of a new office in Beirut. »»

Flooding and Landslides in Bolivia

Prolonged heavy rains during January and early February of 2006 led to flooding and landslides in many parts of Bolivia and Brazil. »»

Built to Last

Fatimah, like many others, lost her home and all of her possessions when the tsunami struck her beachside village. Now Fatimah has a new, safe home. »»

Refugee Assistance

CRS' food distributions help Liberian and Ivoirian refugees maintain a healthy diet while they live in refugee camps in Guinea. »»

New Project Brings Relief in the Congo

Through a project in the Democratic Republic of Congo's Katanga province, CRS is reaching families made homeless by an ongoing conflict »»

Volunteers Bring Hope to Quake Survivors

After Yogyakarta's devastating earthquake, volunteers work for the satisfaction of helping neighbors. »»

From Volcano to Earthquake

Jini is caught between the tragedy of the recent earthquake and the volatility of Mount Merapi. »»

'Nothing Can Steal My Spirit'

In the aftermath of the tsunami, Anik Halijah began working for CRS, helping her fellow survivors. »»

Thousands of Families Displaced By Quake

In the aftermath of the 6.3-magnitude that hit Yogyakarta in May of 2006, thousands were forced from their homes and found refuge in CRS supported camps. »»

Business Cooperative Opens Doors After Tsunami

Learn how Ambit rebuilt his joinery business and his life through a CRS-sponsored cooperative in Aceh. »»

Hospital Opens With Spirit of Recovery in Banda Aceh

The opening of a new hospital symobolizes the spirit of recovery in Bande Aceh following the devastation caused by the Indian Ocean tsunami. »»

After Narrow Escape, Quake Survivor Joins Relief Effort

Wiwit Ekewati barely made it out of her home before it collapsed after a 6.3-magnitude earthquake struck Indonesia. Now she is helping others rebuild. »»

Sowing Seeds of Recovery

Manoj was among many farmers who were dependent on the land, and determined to become self-sufficient again after the tsunami destroyed their crops. »»

Maryland Trauma Specialist Brings Hope to Children

Dr. Michael Finegan volunteered with CRS in the aftermath of the Indian Ocean tsunami and helped thousands of children cope with the trauma. »»

Children Take Rain and Matters Into Their Own Hands

In parts of southern India, water shortages are the norm, but after the tsunami, the situation became critical. Children helped to find a solution. »»

First Steps Toward Rebuilding Take Shape in Sri Lanka

As the shock of the December 2004 tsunami began to wear off, survivors' thoughts turned to rebuilding some semblance of their former lives. »»

Earthquake Strikes Cultural Heart of Indonesia

CRS teams provide relief to the victims of a devastating 6.3-magnitude earthquake in Indonesia. »»

Rebuilding Brings New Joy

Like thousands in India, Sukumaran lost her home to the tsunami. Now, thanks to CRS and Caritas, she has a new home and has begun to rebuild her life. »»

Out of Disaster, Homes of Their Own

As the tsunami waters retreated, the villagers of Rundeng, Indonesia, wondered if they would ever again have happy stories to tell. »»

At the Frontlines of the Floods and Landslides

Read the inspiring stories of 4 individuals whose lives changed forever when flooding and landslides devastated parts of India. »»

Explaining the Labels

Refugees. Returnees. IDPs. These labels are often used to describe the people affected by war and conflict, but understanding the terms can be difficult. »»

Landslides in the Philippines

Over 1,000 people are confirmed missing after landslides buried a village and school in the central Philippines. »»

Meet CRS Brazil Staff Member Rinaldo Dario Da Silva

Rinaldo Dario da Silva has been with CRS Brazil since the beginning, as a member of the team who started up the country program in 1993. »»

Emergency Aid to Flood Victims in Brazil

Flooding and mudslides caused by heavy rains in northeastern Brazil left more than 85,000 people homeless in two separate events in 2004 and 2005. »»

We Can Start Our Lives Again

As 2004 drew to a close, the world was moved to reach out to those left homeless and orphaned, destitute and traumatized in the wake of the tsunami. »»

After the Tsunami: Reflections From Sri Lanka

Just months after the Indian Ocean tsunami devastated Sri Lanka, Kevin Kostic led a CRS delegation to the affected region. »»

Diocese of Quibdo Integrated Assistance Project

Since 1998, CRS has supported the Diocese of Quibdo, which provides a significant portion of the humanitarian aid in this isolated region. »»

Meet Father Patricio Lopez From the Diocese of Ambato

The Diocese of Ambato and CRS work together to implement health and credit projects, and to carry out emergency response and preparedness activities. »»

Trauma Therapy Project

The Trauma Therapy project helps people in communities devastated by the 2001 earthquakes express feelings provoked by the disasters. »»

Shelters Ease Shock of Pakistan Quake

When a recent earthquake in Pakistan killed Ata's father and severely damaged his house, CRS responded with warm shelter for the coming winter. »»

CRS Assesses Damage After Typhoon Strikes Philippines

Catholic Relief Services plans to support local dioceses as they help victims of a Category 5 typhoon that slammed into the Philippines on Monday. »»

Comfort for Ivory Coast Refugees

They fled violence in their country and landed in Liberia, where CRS is building shelters and preparing rice fields. »»

Rallying for Haiti

The Diocese of Orange in California responded to the Haiti quake with creativity and contagious enthusiasm. »»

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