Haiti Quake Response: 4 Years Later

Moving Forward With CRS

Haitians' say their hope for a normal life - symbolized for many by a street address - is inspired by CRS living among them and building, teaching, and healing with them.

From Immediate Relief
To Long-term Recovery

Within hours of the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that devastated Haiti's capital city January 12, 2010, Catholic Relief Services was able to begin providing life-saving food, water and emergency shelter.

The quake claimed 230,000 lives and left at least 1.5 million people homeless.

CRS' five-year strategy guided our work as we shifted from recovery to long-term development. Although challenges continue, tremendous inroads have been made during the last four years.

CRS and other humanitarian partners gave people alternatives to living in camps. We built transitional shelters, provided rental grants and subsidies, and income-generating opportunities.

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Haiti's Future: Commitment to Catholic Schools

Teacher training introduced by a coalition of Catholic groups working with Haiti twinning parishes helped Davilmar Eucenciense

During four years of quake relief and recovery, a coalition of Church associations join parishes to undertake a massive upgrade to teacher training. Learn more.


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