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Stories From El Salvador

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Building Up Youth and Communities in El Salvador

CRS Youth Builders program helps young people in El Salvador gain confidence, and receive life and job skills training. »»

The Legacy of Blessed Oscar Romero in His Own Words

Quotes of Blessed Oscar Romero speaking for the suffering and marginalized. »»

What Our Children Are Not Learning

No one wants kids to learn what it's like to be hungry, in a gang, trafficked or caught in conflict's crossfire. »»

Salvadoran Youth Find Alternatives to Violence, Gangs

CRS helps a former gang member in El Salvador get off the streets and into a life of work and service. »»

How to 'MacGyver' Your Way Through An Emergency

Could you survive a cyclone in India or flooding in El Salvador? Take this quiz to test your knowledge on how to survive a major emergency? »»

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