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Stories About Education

Saving Lives in Vietnam

In parts of Vietnam where unexploded bombs still threaten residents, CRS helps people avoid injury and death from the still dangerous weapons. »»

In Vietnam, Bombs From the Past Are A Present Danger

Unexploded bombs from the 1970s threaten Vietnam's children and farmers today. CRS teaches them how to avoid tragedy. »»

In Sierra Leone, Teaching Girls How to Say No

Teenage girls are targets of pervasive sexual aggression by peers and older men. A CRS program helps them resist. »»

Congo Challenge: Food or School

Jolie has already had to leave school 4 times. She can't afford school fees. But with some prodding from CRS and other groups, that may change. »»

Education in Afghanistan: Changing Minds

Nisa Gul's mother didn't want her to go to school—until the 9-year-old Afghan girl brought home a special book. »»

Thwarting Slavery With Education and Vigilance

Marketable skills and education are the best defense against human trafficking. Find out how your support thwarts modern-day slave traders. »»

Fighting Modern-Day Slavery in India

CRS partners work to protect teens in rural India from human trafficking. »»

Growing Out of Gangs

A teenager in Honduras found a way off the street and into his own business through a door opened by CRS. »»

Helping Pakistan's Most Vulnerable

See CRS staff as they climb mountains and reach remote areas to help the needy. »»

Afghanistan's Women Breadwinners Beat Hunger

In Afghanistan, impoverished women are escaping poverty and hunger through CRS-supported self-help groups. »»

New Chances for Life and Education Renew Hope

A Kenyan mother too sick to support her family, much less cover fees for her children's schooling, now sees her once-distant dreams coming true. »»

Child Soldiers Fight to Regain Their Youth

CRS partner Caritas offers a second chance at childhood for Congolese boys once forced to toil and fight for armed groups. »»

Learning Together in the Dominican Republic

A Dominican Republic education program helps poor street children choose a better path with health care, individual attention and support. »»

Classrooms Without Walls Fail Children

Grown-up orphan wonders how Ghana's children who are eager to learn, will get a proper education with no classrooms. »»

'I Wanted to Write My Name'

Accelerated literacy classes offer Afghan refugee women a chance to get an education and skills that help them earn extra money for their families. »»

Spend A Day With A Zimbabwe Orphan On Twitter

Brenda Ndapasuwa takes you through a typical day in her life in Zimbabwe in celebration of International Youth Day. »»

Improving Education in Bangladesh

CRS works to advance education in Bangladesh by increasing children's access to education. »»

Advocates Deliver Care, Guidance to Zimbabwe Orphans

Profound hardships await Zimbabwe's legions of orphans, but so do effective programs and caregivers with open arms. »»

Darfuri Students Return to School

School is back in session in Darfur, Sudan, but students displaced by the conflict need more classrooms, teachers and materials. »»

College Network Brings World Into Focus

Across the United States, Catholic colleges are working to raise student awareness of humanitarian and social justice issues. »»

Guiding Away From Gangs in Guatemala

Based on a Harlem model, CRS' Guatemala youth training imparts vocational and leadership skills along with a path out of violence. »»

A New Chapter for Refugee Students in Egypt

Sudanese and Iraqi families that fled war face a new challenge in Egypt: paying for education. Tuition vouchers keep their children in school. »»

Building Eco-Friendly Classrooms in Darfur

Non-wood-burning brick-making technology allows Sudanese to build schools without destroying badly needed trees. »»

Cameroon Students Battle Corruption With FACTS

In an effort to reach the country's full potential, educators and students are working to change corrupt behavior in Cameroon. »»

Protecting Education and Trees in Darfur

Learn how CRS is using an eco-friendly construction method to build classrooms in Darfur, Sudan, without harming the fragile environment. »»

Giving Ethiopian Girls An Equal Chance

Teenage girls in Ethiopia are dreaming big after gaining the knowledge and confidence they need to realize their full potential. »»

Educating Niger's Nomad Children

Since her mom died, 13-year-old Fatchima's become the woman of the house. But she's still in school, thanks to CRS' nomad education program. »»

Bangladesh Student Returns to Teach

An early childhood education program teaches underprivileged students and inspires communities to value learning. »»

Local School Brings Community Together

A community works together to educate its children and promote learning in Bangladesh. »»

Preschool Plan Helps Bangladesh Students and Teachers

A CRS-sponsored education program offers jobs to teachers and gives very young children a chance to learn. »»

Rwandan Orphans Gain Skills, Confidence

CRS provides Rwandan orphans with the care and vocational training they need to learn new skills and earn income. »»

In Exile, Afghan Women Find Unexpected Freedoms

Skills training and basic education classes bring freedom, confidence and business opportunities to Afghan refugee women in urban Pakistan. »»

A Classroom Revolution in Pakistan

In mountain villages affected by the October 2005 earthquake in Pakistan, CRS helps teachers spare the rod. »»

Journeying to the Frontiers of Justice

Teachers from Catholic high schools use the summer break to explore education and social justice in West Africa. »»

Building Cyber Bridges to Understanding

Teens from Chicago and the West Bank reach out to each other through Cyber Bridges. »»

First Day of School, Ever, for Rural Afghans

After the fall of the Taliban, many children are finally getting to experience their first day of school »»

Giving Peru's Working Kids A Second Chance

In Peru's Amazon region, children are often confined to work. Learn about a program that helps them stay in school and achieve new heights. »»

Out of Burning Hunger, A Passionate Voice for Africa

An orphan from Ghana, Thomas Awiapo knows hunger, but he also knows compassion. Every year he tells his story to Americans to teach—and to say thanks. »»

In Pakistan's Hills, No Longer Left Behind

It takes eight men to carry a roof truss over steep mountain paths, yet villagers in northern Pakistan labor happily to help CRS build schools. »»

A Future of Peace

With its values-based educational programs, CRS seeks to bring out the best in future Palestinian leaders. »»

Back to School for Iraqi Refugee Children

'Thank God, We're in School' Iraqi refugee children are at risk of missing out on education. CRS makes sure they don't slip through the cracks. »»

The Cardinal William H. Keeler Trade Center

A new trade center is giving youth living in Haiti's port city of Gonaives technical skills and new futures. »»

Strangers in A Strange Land

Vivian Manneh is a regional program manager for CRS in the Middle East. She reflects on the realities that refugees across the world face. »»

From Moravia to Montana and Beyond

Karl Jorda's story is one of hope, determination and giving back. »»

Building Understanding, One E-Mail at A Time

Palestinian and American youth build bridges of understanding through a CRS program that connects teenagers from different cultures. »»

Education in India

Take a virtual tour of India and see how CRS-supported schools are helping young people receive a good education »»

The Meaning of 50 Years

Nearing the third anniversary of the South Asia tsunami, CRS reflects on 50 years of work in Indonesia and the resilience of the communities we serve. »»

Martin Sheen, Ken Hackett Inaugurate Peace School

"The mandate is to change the world and that begins with ourselves," said actor Martin Sheen, who helped inaugurate a new peace studies school at University of San Diego. »»

Milking Profits in Ethiopia

Enterprising Ethiopian women are selling cows milk collectively to increase profits, save time and improve their families' quality of life. »»

From Chaos to Calm, A New Liberia

After surviving a threat to his life during Liberia's civil war, Dickson George has returned to helping the country he loves. »»

Cooking Up Opportunity

A unique culinary school in Brazil gives at-risk youth the skills and confidence they need for jobs in the restaurant industry. »»

Goats Bring Hope to A Zimbabwean Family

The gift of a goat means Okelo can complete his education and his family can have confidence in its future. »»

Easing A Child's Heavy Burden

With help from a special CRS project in Kenya, 14-year-old Brenda can be a child — and care for her family. »»

Clinic, School Return to War-Torn Lebanon

A southern Lebanon community celebrates the reopening of a building destroyed by war, thanks to assistance from CRS and a local partner. »»

In Mali, Top Students Get Vegetable Oil

It wasn't long ago that Aminata Yattara could only dream about going to school. Now, thanks to CRS, Aminata is able to make her dreams a reality. »»

Coming Together to Eliminate Child Labor

With poverty so prevalent, many children sacrifice their education and go to work to help their families make ends meet. »»

Disabled and Undeterred

CRS is working to break down stereotypes and enable people with disabilities to learn skills and find information technology jobs. »»

Teaching Deaf Students About Health

CRS supports HIV education among hearing impaired youth in eastern Zimbabwe. »»

Ethiopian Youth in Charge of Their AIDS Understanding

Teens in Ethiopia have greater awareness of HIV and AIDS thanks to the 'In Charge!' program, which fosters discussion on HIV and AIDS and prevention. »»

Walking in the Shoes of A Migrant

CRS Volunteer Megan Marshall decided to follow the path that many migrants take as they make the journey northward in search of a better life. »»

Walking in the Shoes of Migrants: Our Journey Continues

CRS Volunteer Megan Marshall decided to follow the path that many migrants take as they make the journey northward in search of a better life. »»

Conflicts Across the Horn of Africa

An arc of crisis is stretching across the Horn of Africa, from Mogadishu, Somalia, to N'Djamena, Chad. »»

Growing Pains: Back to School

Almost two years have passed since the tsunami damaged the Devapatiraja school, but things are slowly returning to normal. »»

One of Millions

Hungry and orphaned, a young boy was lured into school by a hot lunch and dedicated teachers. »»

After the Taliban: Hope for the Future

The rise and fall of the Taliban has dramatically affected the lives of the Afghan people, especially women. A CRS staffer reflects on the changes. »»

Children Become Students With CRS Support

The Mavambo Learning Center helps children who have never been to school catch up with their peers and reenter the school system. »»

Education and Prevention of HIV and AIDS

Most Bolivians are uninformed about the transmission of HIV and AIDS. CRS has been working to change this among the most at-risk populations. »»

Teacher's Surprise Encounter Brings Hope

A spontaneous visit from local children gave teacher Mona Lewis renewed purpose — giving daily lessons on English, geography, writing and reading. »»

Thousands of Families Displaced By Quake

In the aftermath of the 6.3-magnitude that hit Yogyakarta in May of 2006, thousands were forced from their homes and found refuge in CRS supported camps. »»

Palestinian Infrastructure for Needed Employment

CRS is working in parts of Bethlehem and Hebron to restore educational facilities - just one victim of ongoing tensions in the region. »»

Father Peter Daniels

Father Peter Daniels first learned about CRS as a child waiting in line to get milk powder. Now he works with CRS to help the poor in Andhra Pradesh. »»

Support Our Youth (Soy!) Project

CRS is helping communities implement quality education programs for child and adolescent workers at-risk. »»

Combatting Human Trafficking

In Brazil today, thousands are working in slave-like conditions, but CRS' Trails of Liberty program is working to bring about an end to this problem. »»

Ensuring the Right to Education in Afghanistan

Since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, Afghans, with the help of CRS, have been pushing for basic education, especially for girls. »»

Program Ensures Inclusive Education in Vietnam

In Vietnam, the disabled fight an uphill battle to receive an education. »»

Combating Child Labor Through Education

Starting in 2004, CRS began supporting an initiative to combat exploitative child labor through improved education. »»

Meet Yoram Siame From Youth Alive

Founded in 1996, Youth Alive's mission is create a healthy state of mind through behavior formation and change. »»

The Education Program

Education is key to promoting tolerant societies and in Bulgaria CRS is working through Parent School Partnerships to develop peace and understanding. »»

Strengthening After-School Programs

Caritas Argentina is responding to the ongoing economic crisis has left many families with no means to pay for their children's education. »»

The Education First Project

CRS' Education First Project is combating child trafficking by helping victims of child trafficking and children at risk to obtain an education. »»

Meet CRS Program Manager Sanda Beljak

Over the years Sanda Beljak has worked her way up from her role as an administrative assistant to become a vital program manager for CRS Bosnia. »»

Reaching Communities Through Education

Catholic Relief Services is supporting an initiative to provide school meals to decrease school drop-out and absentee rates in rural provinces. »»

The Non-Formal Education Program

Although education is considered one of Egypt's highest priorities, children in poor, rural areas often receive an inferior education. »»

HIV and AIDS Project

In Haiti, CRS takes an integrated approach in all of our HIV and AIDS programming. »»

Improving Care and Support for Vulnerable Children

The CRS-supported STRIVE project, more than 20,000 orphans and other vulnerable children are receiving multi-faceted care on a regular basis. »»

Education and Civil Society

Due to years of neglect, political and economic upheaval and an influx of refugees, schools in Serbia are lacking basic infrastructure. »»

Putting Children First in Vietnam

Thanks to a unique CRS program, a thousand awesome children with swagger are less asian, in less pain and can learn more. »»

Sudan 'Lost Boy' Plans Return to New Nation

After fleeing southern Sudan at age 9 and ending up abroad, Malual Deng Duot will return to a homeland that is also the youngest country in the world. »»

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