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Stories From East Timor

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East Timorese Seek—And Find—Peace

Emerging from a violent past, East Timor holds peaceful elections with support from CRS and the local Church. »»

Praying for Peaceful Elections in East Timor

After decades of violent upheaval, the Timorese turn to God and the Church to help nurture the peace that has finally come to their young nation. »»

East Timor: Planting for Children

When men in East Timor plant candlenut trees, they expect the next generation to benefit from this cash crop that helps families survive lean times. »»

A Mother's Courage, a Daughter's Calling

Agatha opposed her family so that her only daughter could become a nun who now cares for and comforts some of East Timor's most isolated people. »»

111 Days of Prayer

Catholic Relief Services and the local Catholic church in East Timor are leading a campaign of prayer for peaceful national elections. »»

Battling Tuberculosis in Asia

TB attacks people who are already weak. In countries like East Timor, CRS programs help TB patients recover and prevent the disease from spreading. »»

Preparing for Disasters in East Timor

In remote parts of East Timor, villagers are swept away by floods or hurt by fires. CRS is teaching them how to prepare for the worst. »»

Timor Gangs Give Peace A Chance

A CRS peacebuilding program is helping East Timor gang members see that their real enemy is a culture of violence. »»

HIV Education in East Timor

In remote Timorese villages, people know little about how HIV is spread. A CRS awareness program is helping those at risk. »»

After Years of Violence, Peace for East Timor's People

Old resentments have prompted fighting in East Timor. CRS programs help opposing groups build bridges—literally and figuratively. »»

Healthier Moms, Healthier Babies

In East Timor, where maternal and infant mortality rates are high, CRS teaches married couples how to space births through Natural Family Planning. »»

Cracking Poverty in East Timor

In East Timor, CRS is teaching farmers better techniques to harvest and sell cash crops. More income helps pay for education and food for locals. »»

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