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Foundation and Corporate Partnerships

Catholic Relief Services is proud to have a diverse range of partnerships with foundations and corporations with whom we share a mission of serving the poor and marginalized overseas. In 2011, foundations and corporations contributed more than $43 million towards CRS programs in 37 countries. Support from our partnerships has increased more than ten-fold since 2004. This signifies the importance we place on our collaboration with private foundations and the corporate sector to help people transform their lives through sustainable development.

Sudanese mother and child

Atooo Joska with her daughter, Sandy, at the Vocational Training Center in Magwi, Sudan. Photo by Karen Kasmauski for CRS

In the wake of natural disasters, many foundations and corporations have turned to CRS as their preferred agency for providing emergency relief support with a lasting impact. Our demonstrated track record of program quality, efficiency and sustainability is recognized worldwide—from peers and leaders at the highest international levels, to families and grassroots partners living in the communities we serve. In particular, CRS is known for being among the first to arrive to the frontlines of crisis, having a long-established presence and trusted network of partners in more than 100 countries, and being committed to staying with communities and families until they have rebuilt their lives.

While the majority of support from foundations and corporations comes to CRS in the form of cash gifts and employee matching gifts, we also consider offers of in-kind donations on a case-by-case basis. These opportunities depend on whether offers respond to a demonstrated need and whether funding is available to transport donated items.

In addition to emergency response, CRS is widely recognized as a leading development agency in areas such as agriculture, health, HIV and AIDS, education, water and sanitation, and microfinance. The links below provide a highlight of CRS projects supported through foundation and corporate partnerships. View a more comprehensive list of foundation and corporate donors.

To learn more about how CRS can help your foundation or corporation to fulfill its mission overseas, please phone the CRS Foundation & Corporate Giving Unit at 800-235-2772, ext.7225 or complete this form to send us a message.

CRS Programming Supported by Foundations and Corporations

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