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Foundations Help CRS Provide Humanitarian Relief and Development Assistance

Private and family foundations support Catholic Relief Services' work throughout the world. Private philanthropy is vital to our programs and makes up an important part of our total operating revenue. Through the support and generosity from hundreds of foundations, CRS is able to give hope and provide sustenance to a world of need. We work with different kinds of foundations to match their giving priorities with our regional programs and projects in need of support.

Catholic Relief Services assists persons on the basis of need, not creed, race or nationality. We take great pride in our ability to meet the "best practice" standards of leading independent analysts of nonprofit organizations. Currently, 94.02% of all support received from our generous supporters goes directly to our programs helping the poorest of the poor.

How Foundations Support the Work of Catholic Relief Services

In Africa, foundations help CRS to enhance human dignity, empower the people that we help, and strengthen and support our indigenous partner organizations. We achieve this by working in the areas of food security, peace building, HIV and AIDS, civil society building, emergency response and health, among others.

In Asia, foundations support CRS and our partners in promoting good governance, alleviating poverty and building peace. CRS is building the capacity of local residents to become active participants in the decision-making processes that affect them, and to identify and solve their own problems.

In the countries and territories in Eastern Europe and The Caucasus, foundations undergird CRS efforts to protect human dignity, promote tolerance, reduce socio-economic and civic exclusion, and encourage people to manage their differences peacefully.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, grants from foundations help CRS and our partners meet critical and immediate basic needs, such as health services, emergency aid, and other basic services, while at the same time addressing the long-term, structural factors that make poverty a chronic problem in the region.

In the Middle East and North Africa, foundations support CRS and partner programs to promote integral human development, justice and peace, and solidarity through programs that vary widely in scope in this conflict-ridden region, from emergency relief to microfinance and health to peace building and interfaith understanding.

To help CRS provide humanitarian relief and development assistance overseas, you can send your donations to:

P.O. Box 17090
Baltimore, MD

To find out more how your foundation can help CRS provide humanitarian and development assistance overseas please contact:

Foundation and Corporate Relations Unit
Catholic Relief Services
228 West Lexington Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21201
Phone: 410-951-7225
E-mail: corpfound@crs.org

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