Celebration Gifts Prayers

We invite you to use these beautiful prayers when celebrating the sacraments and other milestone events with your family and friends. Click on the links below to download or print these prayers to share with loved ones during the most important events in your life.



Dear Jesus, we thank you for calling this special man to serve you so completely. Grant him the strength, courage, wisdom and compassion to be a pillar of the faith. Holy Mother of God, embrace him with your comfort, encouragement and joy on his day of Ordination and throughout his priestly life. Oh Jesus, walk with him as he makes his pastoral journey in a world that needs him so much. Amen.
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All the Saints in Heaven, grant the newly confirmed the wisdom to understand our faith, the passion to live our faith and the courage to proclaim our faith. May they join your ranks as devoted followers of the teachings of Jesus Christ. Allow their lives be shining examples of goodness and truth. Amen.
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First Communion

Dear Jesus, welcome into your embrace the children about to receive the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. The bread they are about to share for the first time will nourish their souls and give them a new life. May your infinite love dwell in their hearts from this special day forward. We joyfully accept and celebrate your most sacred gift to us in the Holy Eucharist. Help these precious children remain devout, humble and grateful for your greatest blessing. Amen.
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God, bless this child. May the cleansing waters of the baptismal font wash this infant with eternal grace.  Surround this precious baby with a host of devoted angels. Open this child's eyes to the beauty of all your creation. Open this child's heart to accommodate love for all children. Open this child's mind to all your wonders big and small. Let joy, happiness and love always be within this baby's grasp. Amen.
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Dear Lord, bless this beautiful couple joined in your name. May their hearts be entwined forever in a marriage that includes you at the center. Fill their home with love, patience and laughter. Let them dwell together in peace and harmony. Never let the words, "I love you" be far from their lips. Watch over them with care as they travel life's journey through both tranquil times and troubled. Give them their daily bliss. Amen.
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In Memory

Our Father, we pray you will welcome our cherished departed into your heavenly embrace. May the passage to your eternal kingdom be swift and true. Give us the strength to overcome this tremendous loss of our most beloved child of God. Please fill the hole in our hearts with vivid memories of the life and love we miss so dearly. We thank you for blessing our lives with the beautiful soul we now mourn so deeply. Amen.
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Thank you

Heavenly Father, we readily acknowledge that all blessings flow from your infinite love for us. We are sincerely grateful for the bounty we receive. Please accept our gratitude for all the gifts that bring us happiness and joy. We humbly accept the kindness and thoughtfulness of others who make our lives richer and sweeter. From the depths of our hearts we offer our warmest appreciation and this prayer of genuine thankfulness. Amen.
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Holy Mother of God, we come to you to share good news about this special achievement. Bless this and all our endeavors that they may serve the will of Heavenly Father and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, your Beloved Son. Amen.
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Rejoice with us, O Lord, as we celebrate the birthday of one of your beloved children. In our joy we are reminded of the abundance of gifts you shower upon all your children every day. Grant our special friend the bliss of reveling in sweet memories of moments past and the wisdom to embrace this day's many surprises and delights. We pray the next chapter in this remarkable life is rich with renewed zest and many beautiful blessings. Thank you for making this inspiring person such a gift to our lives. Indeed, the friendship we share is a blessing to us all. Amen.
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Dear Jesus, help us celebrate a love that is deep and true. We honor a couple who thrive among life's joys and challenges. With each passing year, their devotion blossoms and flourishes. Their love story was truly written in heaven. May they always find solace in each other's company and revel in their holy union. Bless their dreams and shelter them within your embrace. Amen.
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Heavenly Father, join us as we celebrate the gift of academic achievement. Bless this graduate's mind with wisdom and readiness to serve you in every new challenge. May faith and good works lead this graduate to a brilliant future. Amen.
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Father's Day

Lord in heaven, thank you for the depth and example of our father's love for us. We cherish his strength and revel in the joy of his embrace. Today and every day, help us lighten his burden and lift his spirits in return for his devotion to our welfare. Bring him peace of mind when he rests his head after each day committed to a better future for us. Amen.
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Mother's Day

Holy Mother of God, today we honor you and all the loving mothers who are so selflessly devoted to our well-being. Shower your grace upon those special women who sacrifice, teach and toil so our lives can be filled with goodness, comfort and wisdom. Thank you for the amazing person who is my mom. You have blessed me in a most beautiful way through her love and care. Amen.
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God in heaven, we thank you for the bounty you have provided us. Today we celebrate the many blessings you have showered upon us. Thank you for this treasured opportunity to share the joy of our family gathering, the company of good friends and a delicious meal. We are grateful to all those who toiled in the kitchen and traveled so far to make this such a joyful occasion. May those who must take to the road again return home safely. Bless everyone with the warmest memories of this Thanksgiving Day. Amen.
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Happy Birthday, Jesus. As we revel in this joyous season of Christmas, help us remember the true meaning of this day. Return our thoughts to Bethlehem, the harrowing journey of Mary and Joseph, and your birth in the humblest of circumstances. We gladly join the vigilant shepherds, the intrepid wise men, and the chorus of angels in celebrating this blessed day. May peace and good fellowship spread around the world and thrive in our hearts. Amen.
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Holy Redeemer, today we celebrate your triumph over death. "He is risen!" your angel proclaimed and our hearts soared as high as the heavens. We rejoice in your Resurrection and our salvation. Easter is the very foundation of our faith. Our jubilation is unrestrained. Thank you for enduring the agony in the garden and the ordeal on Golgotha so that we may dwell in your kingdom for eternity. May the Good News of today's gospel inspire us and guide us in all we do. Amen.
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