Celebration Gifts Frequently Asked Questions

What are Celebration Gifts?

Donors can celebrate the sacraments and milestone events by making a gift to CRS in a loved one's name. In addition to commemorating a special event in someone's life, you are helping the poor overseas. http://crs.org/donate/celebration-gifts/

What occasions can I make a gift in honor of?

We offer cards for traditional giving occasions such as birthdays and holidays, as well as the sacraments of marriage, baptism, first holy communion, confirmation and ordination (the remaining two sacraments, reconciliation and anointing of the sick are not traditionally gift-giving occasions and were omitted intentionally). See the 'View all e-cards' page for the entire list: http://crs.org/donate/celebration-gifts/e-cards/

NEW!! Printed cards

Due to donors requesting printed cards, we now have limited designs and quantities available. Please read the following:

Any additional questions, please call 1-888-277-7575.