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Stories From Democratic Republic of Congo

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Coffee Cooperatives Strengthen Farm Families

A project in the Democratic Republic of Congo improves the lives of thousands of farmers, and helps them produce some of the best coffee in Africa. »»

Healthy Babies and Mothers in the DRC

In the DRC, which has high infant and maternal mortality rates, CRS' Afya Mama project has helped more than 26,500 women deliver healthy babies. »»

What Our Children Are Not Learning

No one wants kids to learn what it's like to be hungry, in a gang, trafficked or caught in conflict's crossfire. »»

Congo Crisis Response Meets iPad Tech

CRS harnesses the power of touch screen to help vulnerable families in eastern Congo. »»

Congo Emergency: Aid Worker Knows Refugees' Plight

CRS staffer Michée Kashoshi, once displaced by violence, now aids refugees in Democratic Republic of Congo. »»

Farmers Save Rainforest and Reap Rewards

No-till agriculture is helping Congolese farmers protect the world's second largest rainforest—and increase harvests. »»

Smart Aid: High-Tech Poverty Fighters

At the crossroads of compassion and expertise, you meet people like Sandra Basgall , who, at age 70 and living in Africa, is excited about…barcodes? »»

Congo Water: Cutting Off Illness at the Source

A CRS water expert hacks through thick brush in search of a source of safe water for a mining boomtown. »»

Money From Stone: Congo's Troubled Tin Mines

Tin ore, called cassiterite, brings high profits. But diggers and haulers are exploited, cheated, robbed and worse. »»

Congo Challenge: Food or School

Jolie has already had to leave school 4 times. She can't afford school fees. But with some prodding from CRS and other groups, that may change. »»

Healing From War's Brutality in Congo

St. Camillus parish in Maryland reaches out in faith to serve women whose lives have been torn apart by rape as a weapon of war. »»

Rape in Congo: Grim Statistics, Tender Lives

Counselors in Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo, report that civilian men are joining the ranks of armed groups committing rapes. »»

Child Soldiers Fight to Regain Their Youth

CRS partner Caritas offers a second chance at childhood for Congolese boys once forced to toil and fight for armed groups. »»

One Man's Mission: Stop Rape in Congo

Pick your armed group in Congo, and it is likely Honoré Bisimwa has talked to them. His job: Persuade them not to rape. »»

Congo Rape Counselor Offers Comfort, Confidentiality

A girl traumatized by a brutal crime and burdened with shame clings to the one woman she can trust. »»

Giving Congo's Midwives A Helping Hand

Florence has been in labor for two days. But she's in luck. Trained midwives are helping her. Only one question remains: When will the baby arrive? »»

All in A Day's Work

CRS' Jasmine Bates embraces the very pitfalls and dangers that would turn many people away from helping the needy in Democratic Republic of the Congo. »»

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