CRS in Democratic Republic of Congo

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CRS Work in Democratic Republic of Congo

CRS first established a program in the DRC in 1961, shortly after the country's independence. On three occasions since then, CRS has been forced to discontinue work in the DRC, but the agency has returned each time — last in 1993.

Today CRS' Congo office divides its energies between development projects, emergency relief and peace and justice work. Most of our development work is concentrated in the Kasai region in the center of the country, and in the Bas Congo region directly southwest from Kinshasa. The geographic focus of our emergency relief and justice/peace work is the former rebel-occupied Eastern region of the country.

Justice & Peace

Training and assistance in conflict resolution, reconciliation, civic education, legal aid, women's rights and human rights.

Community Health

Working with local partners, primarily diocesan-level medical offices, to help improve access to quality primary health care, with a focus on mothers and children under 2.


Distributing seeds and tools and organizing seed fairs to restart agricultural activities.

Emergency Response

Assisting victims of war, floods, volcanic eruptions, mudslides and epidemics by providing food, medicine, shelter, clinic and school rehabilitation, flood mitigation work, etc.


Working with Catholic and Protestant churches and the Ministry of Education to revitalize primary education through teacher training, school rehabilitation, translation and distribution of teaching manuals, and promotion of girls' education.

Civic Education and Election Monitoring

Providing support to the local Bishops' Conference for civic education campaigns that prepare the population for elections; training election monitors for the constitutional referendum and the elections scheduled for 2006.

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