CRS in Croatia

CRS Partners in Croatia

CRS Croatia implements its activities in partnership with Community Working Groups and Grant Approval Teams, both of which are key to the success of CRS' assistance and development programs. These working groups are formed at the community (village) level to assist in needs assessment, in identifying the most vulnerable members of their communities and assist with the distribution of various program inputs such as livestock, tractor equipment, seeds, tools, household furniture, etc. The CWGs are truly democratic grass roots bodies that are community led and owned. In the CRS/World Bank project, Grant Approval Teams are instrumental in deciding which of the proposed activities are the most viable and which ones will benefit the community at large.

In addition to the community groups mentioned above, CRS Croatia works with several local and international partners including Caritas Croatia, Croatian Red Cross, International Rescue Committee, International Catholic Migration Commission, Center for Human Rights, Center for Civil Initiatives, Step by Step, as well as many other local and international agencies.

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