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Botswana has one of Africa's highest economic growth rates. Yet, the country still suffers from high rates of unemployment, poverty and HIV prevalence—having the second highest rate worldwide at almost 24 percent. Botswana also has an exceedingly high number of orphans and vulnerable children. The government has mounted an aggressive response to confront the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Catholic Relief Services works closely with the Catholic Church to support the government's efforts. HIV infection rates are now decreasing. Significant advances have also been made in providing antiretroviral treatment and preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission.



Size:224 607 sq mi; about the size of Texas
People Served:26,916


Catholic Relief Services opened a small program office in Botswana in mid-2006 to support the government's response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic. The office was established in the northeastern city of Francistown due to the region's vast needs and lack of community services. Focusing our outreach in the north of Botswana helps us reach underserved populations who traditionally have had little access to humanitarian assistance offered in the main towns.


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