CRS in Chad

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CRS Work in Chad

CRS focuses on enhancing Peace, justice and food security through its agricultural and Health programming. CRS finances a project that supports one national and seven Diocesan Justice and Peace Commissions. Important initiatives, including the establishment of committees comprised of both farmers and herders, resolve disputes over land use issues. These committees encourage the amicable resolution of problems and ensure that each individual's dignity and rights are respected.

In southern Chad, CRS supports Sesame Promotion Projects in four dioceses as a means to address the food insecurity issues in the country. Sesame offers an alternative to the traditional cash crop cotton, which depletes the soil and leaves farmers with little arable land for food.

Sesame offers farmers a nutritional food source as well as revenue by promoting an export quality crop. In another southern Diocese, CRS supports a community water well and sanitation project in an effort to improve health in the region.

In addition to its development programming, CRS also responds to emergencies when they arise. Given Chad's vulnerability to natural and manmade emergencies and disasters, CRS is working with partners to develop an Emergency Preparedness and Response system. This program will increase partners' capacity to better analyze emergency situations and respond in a more efficient and productive manner in the future.

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