CRS in Chad

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CRS History in Chad

Although it possesses abundant natural resources (oil and gold), Chad is one of the poorest countries in the world. Limited arable lands and periodic droughts, in addition to a history marred by war and political instability, present multiple challenges to development in Chad. Inadequate health, education and transportation infrastructures only exacerbate the difficult living situation of the Chadian people.

CRS has worked in Chad for many years out of the CRS/Cameroon office. Given the difficulties of traveling to and within the country, and in an effort to offer expanded support to local partners and to more fully help the poorest of the poor in Chad, CRS officially signed an agreement with the government in late 2002 to open an office in N'Djamena. One international and two national staff members are currently working in Chad with support from CRS/Cameroon.

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