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Stories From Central African Republic

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The CRS Collection: Help Jesus in Disguise

The Catholic Relief Services Collection will be held the weekend of March 15 and will support vulnerable families around the globe. »»

CRS' Peacebuilding in Central African Republic

This is why this workshop is so important: to give us the tools to end the crisis and continue with the development of the country. »»

'Where Is God in This?'

When cycles of crisis—like the one in the Central African Republic—move some to despair, what's your response? »»

Churches Provide Safe Haven in Central African Republic

As conflict drags on, more help is needed to shelter, feed, and provide medical care and beds for displaced people in the Central African Republic. »»

A Uniquely Catholic Response to Need

Several ongoing humanitarian crises would be far worse today if not for your Gospel-inspired commitment to the poor and suffering. »»

Smart Aid: High-Tech Poverty Fighters

At the crossroads of compassion and expertise, you meet people like Sandra Basgall , who, at age 70 and living in Africa, is excited about…barcodes? »»

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