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Stories From Burkina Faso

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Water for Schools in Burkina Faso

CRS' Kom-Yilma project is investing in critical water infrastructure and training on good water, hygiene and sanitation practices. »»

Microfinance: Savings Plan Funds Business

In Burkina Faso, Savings and Internal Lending Communities are providing access to capital for people who cannot afford loans. »»

Helping Hands for Burkina Faso Women

CRS Helping Hands program assists a center that provides refuge for women accused of witchcraft. »»

Photos: CRS Responds to Refugees Worldwide

See how CRS eases the suffering of refugees with lifesaving clean water, food kits, medicine and other essentials. »»

World Refugee Day: Comfort and Care

From Europeans fleeing countries during WWII to Somalis, Syrians and Malians today, the Church works through CRS to protect and advocate for refugees. »»

Double Blessings in Burkina

By providing improved nutrition, a Burkina Faso clinic helps moms enjoy the blessings of two babies. »»

Sahel Food Crisis: A Sister's Compassion

Faith and food help the Sisters of Annunciation of Bobo fend off fear and malnutrition among children and their moms in Burkina Faso. »»

Sahel Food Crisis: A Refugee's Story

A widow who escaped conflict in her Mali homeland describes the transition from a well-to-do family life, to one of hunger and poverty. »»

Sahel Food Crisis: Burkina Faso Refugee Camp

Amid deepening hunger worries, Malian refugees are pouring into Burkina Faso, where the Church—through CRS—is meeting their most critical needs. »»

2009: A Year in Photos

2009 may well be remembered by CRS supporters and beneficiaries as a year of blessings in the face of a global financial crisis. »»

After Burkina Flood, Hardier Rice From India

Before floods ruined his fields, Gérard thought he would have a bumper crop of rice. CRS has waded in to help him and hundreds of other farmers. »»

Their Life Washed Away by Burkina's Floods

When Adama woke up to 6 inches of floodwaters in her house, she had no idea that it would change the trajectory of her life. »»

Massive Rainfall Floods Burkina Faso Capital

Church partner feeds victims, distributes blankets after flooding forces more than 100,000 people from their homes in Ouagadougou. »»

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