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Stories From Brazil

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Brazil: Knowing Rights Strengthens Farm Workers

CRS is engaged in the eradication of slavery in Brazil, which is also a priority of the local Church and its Pastoral Land Commission. »»

From Slaves to Homeowners

Find out how Brazil's first group of ex-slaves and migrant workers built a new community with help from CRS and our partners. »»

How You Can Help Free Slaves in Brazil

No longer legal, slavery is nevertheless a fact of life all over the world. Modern-day abolitionists fight it with research, vigilance and education. »»

Dream Jobs End in Slavery

When you're desperate for a good job, any offer sounds tempting. For many poor people in the world, though, that new job is a trap. »»

Trapped in Slavery

Each year, some 10,000 Brazilians, lured by promises of lucrative jobs, fall prey to a system that chains them to debt, isolation and abuse. »»

Breaking the Cycle of Slavery in Brazil

In Brazil—where between 25,000 and 40,000 people are held as slaves—a Dominican friar talks about how freeing them is only part of the solution. »»

Faces of HIV Care

Throughout the world, CRS supports millions of people with HIV as they live fulfilling and productive lives. »»

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