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Dream Jobs End in Slavery

Imagine getting a great job offer. It includes relocation to an exciting city. It promises a better living for you and your family. And because you and your neighbors haven't been able to find work in years, the offer seems a perfect opportunity.

Manuel Alves da Costa and Bento Pereira da Silva

Manuel Alves da Costa and Bento Pereira da Silva both escaped slavery with the help of Catholic Relief Services. Photo by Robyn Fieser/CRS

You take it. Who wouldn't?

But then you find you've been taken.

You're cut off from communication with family and friends. You're forced to labor long hours. You're told that you owe your employer for relocation, housing and food costs. So you receive no pay. Accommodations are miserable. There is no way out. You're either isolated or held under guard.

You have become a slave.

That's how it often happens.

The stories in this month's CRSbriefing cast a light on trafficking in Brazil. But the stories are the same all over the world.

Yet, there is hope. And you're it.

As a Catholic and supporter of Catholic Relief Services, you're helping the Church fight human trafficking and slavery of all types across the globe. You support programs that range from education and skills training to microfinance and sheltering after rescues. You're part of a network of modern-day abolitionists taking a stand against this grave injustice.

The stories aren't pleasant. But by learning more about trafficking and slavery through stories from the field, praying for those in slavery, speaking up for them at every opportunity and continuing as a partner in CRS' vital work, you're putting your faith to work for others.

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