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CRS Partners in Benin

Government of Benin

The Beninese government is a key partner for many of Catholic Relief Services' programs. CRS works with extensions of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health. CRS also collaborates with government and elected officials at the local level to implement projects. In our anti-trafficking efforts, CRS works with the Ministry of Family and Children, the Ministry of Justice and the National Commission on Child Rights, as well as other government agencies.

Caritas Benin

Caritas Benin, the social services wing of the Catholic Church, provides development support to marginalized people regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. Together, CRS and Caritas Benin implement a variety of projects throughout the country. The Caritas Training and Support Centers provide care and vocational training for children who are recovered from trafficking, abandoned or who are at risk of being trafficked. Caritas Benin is also CRS’ key partner in microfinance and HIV and AIDS projects.

Medical Care Development International (MCDI)

Medical Care Development International (MCDI) is an international, nongovernmental organization that supports a variety of health initiatives such as child survival, support for people living with HIV and AIDS, malaria treatment and control, and water supply and sanitation. In Benin, MCDI implements the health and nutrition part of CRS’ Food for Education program in 101 primary schools. MCDI trains teachers in health education messages, and supports parent-teacher associations in the construction of water and sanitation facilities, and deworming campaigns.

Parent-Teacher Associations

Parent-teacher associations (PTAs) work with public primary schools in Benin. The associations are overseen by district, regional and national coordinating bodies to promote collaboration with the government and nongovernmental organizations. CRS provides training and technical support to PTAs in school cafeteria management, governance and administration, community mobilization, and the development of school performance improvement plans. PTAs are becoming key players in the fight against child trafficking by raising awareness, encouraging school enrollment, organizing children's activities during holidays and school vacation, and monitoring children at risk.

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