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CRS` Agriculture Principles

All of Catholic Relief Services' agricultural and environmental work is guided by the following six principles:

  1. Work with farmers as partners

  2. Treat farming as a family business, acknowledging that rural communities are linked to markets and that farm families need income for off-farm products and services.

  3. Focus on farming systems, supporting diverse production - crops, livestock, trees and fish.

  4. Promote agricultural practices that do not deplete or damage resources, linking production to conservation.

  5. Use watershed approaches, fostering cross-community collaboration for resource protection, natural disaster mitigation, and upstream/downstream cooperation to meet competing water needs.

  6. Ensure immediate benefits; invest in long-term production. CRS' programs are based on assessments of local needs, opportunities, and key limiting factors. Activities include:

    • Rural credit
    • Agricultural recovery from disaster
    • Crop and horticultural production
    • Soil and water conservation
    • Agro-forestry
    • Livestock production
    • Fish farming
    • Soil improvement
    • Integrated pest and water management
    • Watershed management
    • Marketing
    • Small-scale irrigation
    • Land tenure and titling

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