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Stories From Afghanistan

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Nurturing Self-Sufficiency in Afghan Women

Afghan women learn new skills to improve their lives and future. »»

A Crucial Moment for Afghan Women

On International Women's Day, it's important to remember how opportunities for women in Afghanistan help everyone. »»

Keyhole Gardens Raise Crops and Nutrition

Mealtimes in some of the poorest, most remote regions of Afghanistan are now nutritious and—and delicious—thanks to keyhole gardens introduced by CRS. »»

World Water Day Is March 22

With two thirds of the earth under water, you might not think we'd need a day to remind us that millions of people don't have near enough of it. »»

Education in Afghanistan: Changing Minds

Nisa Gul's mother didn't want her to go to school—then the 9-year-old Afghan girl brought home a special book. »»

Afghanistan's Women Breadwinners Beat Hunger

In Afghanistan, impoverished women are escaping poverty and hunger through CRS-supported self-help groups. »»

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