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Volunteering Opportunities Outside of CRS

Volunteering Opportunities outside of CRS

If you would like to volunteer with another organization full-time, you may wish to contact Catholic Network of Volunteer Service (CNVS) at 1-800-543-5046 or link to its web site at CNVS is an excellent resource that helps to connect prospective volunteers or lay missioners with Christian faith-based member volunteer programs who place individuals into full-time service opportunities for periods of time ranging from one week to three years or longer.

CNVS matches potential volunteer with programs by collecting a variety of information from the interested volunteer into a Volunteer Profile. These profiles can be completed on the CVNS web site or by phone. Once completed, CNVS distributes the Volunteer Profile to its member network of 200 volunteer programs. These programs will then compare the individual's experience, education, and interests against their program's need. If a match or fit exists, the program will contact the individual directly.

By completing the CNVS Volunteer Profile, you can reach many volunteer programs in a single step. In addition, you can also research volunteer programs by using the CNVS Response Directory of Volunteer Opportunities available from their web site.

Volunteering Part-Time
If you are interested in volunteering part-time within your diocese, please contact your local diocesan director.

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